Vespa Austin’s Grand Soirée

Wed, Apr 27, 2005


(I’m not a movie star, but I play one at parties)
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I’m sorry I missed it… The biggest scooter event of 2005 and I missed it. Whadda lewzer! It’s all good though cause I got the pictures and an autographed copy of “Boosting your Pimpmanship” by Lester Chiu, so I think I’ll get by… but for you sorry saps who skipped out and went belly-up to the scooter bar that evening, you will have to settle for the myths, urban legends and the above photos. Congrats on a celebration well executed!

4 Responses to “Vespa Austin’s Grand Soirée”

  1. orbie Says:

    I got my dates screwed up on this one. And agreed to work a double. Knowing your missing out on a good event makes your shift that much worse. Seeing these pictures is no help either. Catch the Piston Broker crew next time. -Orbie


  2. Steve Guzman Says:

    Oh the agony! I was actually at another event with the wife (it’s rare that we BOTH get to go somewhere together). Next time I’m at the Vespa Shop I’ll have to ask for the details and settle with savoring all the little juicy bits. I wonder what time they closed it down. Prolly had to have the cops tell them to break it up… Stirring up the already jittery folks at Seattle’s Best.


  3. L-Star Says:

    Love it. I am Lester’s clone and take offense that you would call me a cutout. Besides i am much more handsome than he. Look at his skills they are level 2. Weak.


  4. Steve Guzman Says:

    Hrm… Now that you mention it… He does look like a level 2. Man. I wonder if I can get a refund on that signed copy of “Boosting your Pimpmanship”.

    Thanks for pointing that out… :)


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