Yamaha gets a little free promotion.

Thu, Jun 30, 2005


(Hatsumi on a Yamaha Zuma)

If you wanna sell scooters, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to catch a model riding one. Here, Jessica “Hatsumi” Chobot is sitting tall in the saddle of her 49cc Zuma. The Zuma is a cute little bug-eyed put-along… unless she put the 124 cc cylinder kit, Dellorto carb w/manifold, reed cage, variator kit, gears, kevlar belt, clutch, and a Leo Vinci ZX exhaust on it… Then it’s a 70+ MPH monster!

If you don’t know Hatsumi, she is THE goddess of all things geeky and is a regular fixture at redassedbaboon.com

and… If you don’t know the Zuma, you can find out more here.

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