The Central Texas "I Don’t Give a Shift" Maxi-Scoot Tour

Tue, Sep 27, 2005


(Your average maxi-scooter rider)

A good friend of mine, Fred Brown, has organized many a scenic scooter ride since I’ve known him. He knows the area, he knows the terrain, and he’s one well organized SOB! Combine all that and it makes for a great monthly scoot tour. Introducting the “I Don’t Give a Shift” Central Texas Monthly Maxi-Scoot Tour. Attached below is the introductory news letter. If you have 200cc+ and wanna see Texas, this is the way to do it. Sign up at:

I Don’t Give a Shift – Volume 1
September 27, 2005
“Central Texas Scooter Tours”

Dear Fellow Riders,

Upon my recent return from Scootercade in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, I became motivated to start a new scooter-riding group in central Texas. This gathering, unlike others motorcycle events that sometimes frown upon the term “scooter”, is mainly a way of getting together various scooter riders in our region for day rides. For safety reasons, it is recommended that
participants have a scooter that is able to maintain at least 60 miles per hour on various terrain and conditions such as hills and wind. This usually translates into a cycle and or scooter with at least a 200 cc in engine displacement.

Our first ride is on Saturday, October 15, 2005 starting in Georgetown and stopping in Northwest Austin to pick other riders. The route will go from to Austin to the scenic town of Fredericksburg. Upon our return, we will go near Round Mountain and drift down a pleasant non-trafficked road that runs parallel to Highway 71 near Lake Travis. The PDF of the route can be downloaded at This scenic trip is around 150 miles and is a great way to sharpen your riding skills.

We plan to leave Georgetown’s Starbucks located on Williams Drive at 9:00 a.m. and stop at the Austin’s Starbucks on Far West Blvd in Northwest Austin at 9:45 a.m. to pick up other riders.

Safety is the most foremost importance. It is strongly recommended all riders wear suitable MSF riding gear such as helmet, gloves, jacket and proper long-pants. Depending on the number of riders who show-up, we can plan accordingly to leave in small groups to meet up along way in order to avoid having to play catch up. Everyone should ride according to their abilities and not feel pressured to keep up with other riders in the group.

This e-mail reminder will be sent once a month, perhaps more depending on the interest of the various scooter riders. Please RSVP with the name of the riders in your group plus any additional passengers to

Happy Riding,

Fred Brown
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