A Zuma for the yutes!

Wed, Sep 28, 2005


(Scooter learning at an early age helps with essential social skills like, mackin’!)

If you know people in Denmark, you can have them send you one of these nice little 12v ’00-’01 Zuma look-alikes. Here is the place to get them for just under $two-fiddy ($250 US). This is the best looking kids scoot I’ve seen to date. Lemme add it to the kid’s birthday list.

(what the adult version looks like… It’s never too late to work on your mackin’ skills)

One Response to “A Zuma for the yutes!”

  1. Nate Says:

    My grandson will be one at Christmas, I suppose he’s still a little young to be balancing a 2 wheeler. My BSU, (Granny) already told me I couldn’t get him the ride-in, battery operated Gravedigger monster truck toy for this year’s present.

    But, hey, there’s next year…


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