Gizmag Article: Yamaha’s new Electric and Fuel Cell Scoots

Sat, Oct 1, 2005


Yamaha starts to think WAY outside the square

October 1, 2005 For the last 125 years, motorcycles have been made up of two wheels and a motor, and they have all been arranged as a wheel, a motor and another wheel – in that order – all of them. But the freedom afforded to designers by the in-wheel electric motors which technology has recently spawned will make for some interesting changes over the coming years and Yamaha is the first of the motorcycle manufacturers to seriously look at alternatives available in the next generation of motorcycles.

You gotta love the name of the pictured scoot… the FC-ME. As Aaron points out:

“Am I the only one to find the model name funny? ‘Yamaha’s got a fuel cell bike? F*c* me!’”

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  1. Bryce Says:

    Yeah, that is a good name. I think ultimately fuel cell vehicles will be a blip. Hydrogen is basically a battery, not a fuel in this set up. Fuel cells leave a lot to be desired in terms of overall fuel efficiency. From getting hydrogen (there isn’t much that is readily available) to transporting it, to storing a sufficient amount on board for a decent range.


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