WTF?! Scooter of the week.

Thu, Dec 1, 2005


Big tires. Big, big tires.
Originally uploaded by deb5.

I dunno… A bastard child of Big Foot and a Honda Monkeybike that joined the Army?

Any guesses as to what that chain is doing on the front tire? Running a dyno to power the headlight?

Thanks deb5 for publishing a great shot!

Well, I’ll be damned… Rick-man knows his stuff. This Rokon Trail-Breaker is a little bike that even a redneck could be proud of. I found a hundred-sumthin’ more photos here.

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  1. rick maiman Says:

    I believe it’s called a Rokon, and perhaps still in production.


  2. Nate Says:

    I have a Brother-in-law and his adult son that each have those critters. They live in the Pacific NW and love to get together with bunches of Rokon owners and go climb rocks and logs and such.

    They aren’t fast or pretty but they sure work for what they are designed for.


  3. Steve Guzman Says:

    I’d like to see some video of those things in action. I’m gonna drop you an e-mail to see if that can happen Nate.



  4. Cleat Says:

    Ratz… you mean it’s not All-Wheel-Drive? I thought perhaps you had found the SUV skuter equivalent!


  5. Cleat Says:

    Then I went and looked up Rokon… It IS a two wheel drive scooter!!!


  6. Steve Guzman Says:

    w00t! That’s what that chain is for. I’m starting to like this thing more and more.


  7. Anonymous Says:

    I thought you were really cool until you made that Redneck joke.


  8. ScooterScoop Says:

    Anon… I’m afraid I don’t know what your talking about. Were you offended by my comment?

    I said “even a redneck would be proud of it.”

    The joke part is that “good ole boys” would normally be embarrassed by a scooter.

    The fact part of it is that people who are rednecks are proud of it.

    It wasn’t said in distaste or disdain. I myself am half redneck. You didn’t know that did you? I was born in Alabama and my mother’s side of the family is about as red as it gets.

    I have no ill feelings about people for their cultural backgrounds. Sorry to disappoint.


  9. Anonymous Says:

    Damn, didn’t know rednecks were such pussies. lol.


  10. Steve Says:

    Ouch! Hey! Watch that! Some of my best friends are pussies!



  11. Anonymous Says:

    I was just seeing if you were still watching this thread. I really enjoyed finding your scooter stuff. I wasn’t offended. Wish I was living back in Austin.


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