Anthony Perkins gets Psycho on his Vespa

Tue, Mar 28, 2006


Oh! I’ve finally found the source for some of these “stars on scoots” images. It’s USA Today! Back in 2001…. So USA Yesterday. Scroll down just a bit and you’ll see links to images, video and other stories.

Here’s a list of “Stars on Scoots”
George Clooney on a BMW C1
Hepburn and Peck on a handlebar’d Vespa
Anthony Perkins (as seen above)
Jay Leno (as seen in a previous post)
Tori Spelling at a Vespa grand opening
Anthony Quinn posing on a Vespa
Francesco Quinn on a new type Vespa
Dean Martin blah blah blah Vespa
Henry Fonda… Vespa
Mamie Van Doren VESPA
John Wayne… Horse. Um… I mean VESPA!
Vespa Vepsa Vespa! Arn’t there any that stars ride Honda Helixes?
Just because it looks like a Star Trek transport betatype… Helixes need love too!

5 Responses to “Anthony Perkins gets Psycho on his Vespa”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Heheh, you said Vepsa.


  2. Steve Guzman Says:


    I really do love the Vespa though… it’s just kinda the “homecoming queen /cheerleader” of the scooter world. Everybody wants to be friends the the cute little Vespa. No love for the nerdy Helix.

    I’d prolly own one if it didn’t screw with my carpel tunnel.

    ‘the nerdy one’


  3. Keys Says:

    My wife has a Helix and she’s really cool! By the way, Steve, I have a blog about scooters you’re welcome to visit. It’s this same blog place as yours and the name is Skutergruven.


  4. Philip Barrett Says:

    I think we’re going mainstream, can’t turn on the TV without some show or commercial with a scooter or 2. New Pepsi “lifestyle” add shows happy seniors on 3 or 4 vintage Vespas cutting it up on the PCH.


  5. Keys Says:

    Actually, a Helix doesn’t look like something outa Star Trek…if you look at one from the front, it looks like Dr. Who’s robot dog; K-9.


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