Brud’s Hot Dog Wagon Donated To Museum

Wed, Mar 29, 2006


(this image from the Hollyeats Hotdog page)

Read a recent story from Maine’s Boothbay Register and in it they give the Cliff’s Notes history of the classic American scooter, the Cushman. It goes like this:

Brud’s Hot Dog Wagon Donated To Museum: “Under the heading of too much information, we will offer a brief history of Cushman Motors. Cushman started building gasoline motors for farm equipment in 1903 and started selling motor scooters in 1936 as way to increase sales of their motors. The motor scooters were manufactured until 1965 when the company focused on their three wheel trucks similar to Brud’s Hot Dog Wagon.

Other uses for the trucksters included, police patrol, meter maids, ice cream vendors, turf maintenance, one was reportedly outfitted as a fire truck for the Pentagon, and of course, a golf cart. There is documentation of many other uses but we will refrain for now.

Cushman scooters ceased production in 1965 and Cushman as a separate company ceased in 2003. Cushman is now owned by Textron, Inc. Textron also owns other vehicle companies such as Cessna, Bell Helicopters and E Z Go golf carts.”

Click the title link to get the whole story.

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