Major moped conversion in China

Wed, Mar 29, 2006


Here’s a snippet from the Bluff Country Newspaper Group that mentions a major change to Chinese mopeds by 2008… Read below or click the title link for the whole… long… kinda boring story.

Learning about agriculture and so much more: MARL goes to China: “Thorn was struck by how much pollution there was in Beijing. Upon arrival, they thought it was foggy out, then realized it was smog. They also noted coal factories produce black soot. Thorn said the streets are often full of litter and garbage.

The city will be hosting the Summer Olympics in 2008. Part of the clean-up for that was said to include shutting down the factories a month before the start of the games.

Winslow was surprised at the number of cars in the city – “and nice cars,” he stated. Still there are a lot of bikes. And in another move toward cutting pollution, mopeds will need to use liquid propane by the end of this year.”

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