Please help a fellow rider. Donate to the Kalaisha Watrous Fund.

Thu, Mar 30, 2006


The Twist & Play Scooter Club is sponsoring a collection to help a fellow rider who took a MAJOR spill and has no insurance. Kalaisha is in pretty bad shape right now. If you have a few bucks you could send her way it would really help out. Click on the title link to get the whole story or simply go here to make a donation.


PS> For every “” support patch sold in the month of April, The Scooter Scoop will donate $2 of the $6.50 price to the Kalaisha Fund. Go here to read about the patch or HERE to order.

5 Responses to “Please help a fellow rider. Donate to the Kalaisha Watrous Fund.”

  1. Mantis Says:

    My wishes go out to her. It is a truely a sad moment when a fellow scooterists gets hurt. I do want to point out that it appears she was not wearing a full face helmet. I know that spring is here but something to think about. May you all ride safe!


  2. Steve Guzman Says:

    I don’t know Mantis… There was this image of a busted up full-face on the site (seen here)

    I’ve got a full face and it’s only because the sales person said to me “your lower jaw could be ripped off at 35 MPH”. I didn’t like that image.


  3. jim smith Says:

    Kalaisha was wearing a fullface Arai purchased new from our shop this past fall. I’ll get the exact model – paramedics said it saved her life.


  4. jim smith Says:

    The helmet was an Arai “Signet”, which is being replaced in 2006 with the “Profile” model.

    Here’s a link to a review of the new Arai Profile helmet:


  5. nickmansell Says:

    Kalaisha, I’m so sorry to hear about how awful things are going for you. I know you’re really one of the toughest I know, and things WILL get better. I myself have been through three years of surgeries and sickness since we knew each other, and I’ve always thought about you and hoped the best. I can understand what you’re going through, although i can barely imagine how horrible the circumstances are. I’m really sorry. I hope you or somone on here can get my hopes through. One arm scars for Johnny, hon. I really hope we can get in touch, purely as a benevolent act. I need you to know I really do care, and i have gone through alot myself and have been changed signifigantly. I honestly do know what it’s like to have everything ripped away from you and to be stuck in a hospital bed with everything going horribly wrong.
    I hope you can get my hopes. I just really hope for the best.
    Love, Nick


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