Annual Halloween Scooter Predictions are in!

Mon, Oct 30, 2006


(What does 2007 have yet to reveal besides YELLOW being the new BLACK? Let’s look into the crystal ball for our yearly Halloween revelations! For entertainment purposes only.)

The Scooter Seer is picking up on some heavy vibes in the Scooter World. In the next four months expect to hear some pretty big announcements. Pay particular attention to the Milan show in 2 weeks with follow ups in the February dealer show.

We already know to expect the Yamaha C3 soon and the big SYM 250 in early ’07… But it the two stroke smoke in my crystal ball is revealing what looks like a bigger CPI GTR. Expect the sporty GTR 150cc to hit the gym and come out 30cc’s heavier in 2007. This could be very exciting if it comes to be.

Now, the ball reveals a mid-year release of the popular naked scooter, the MadAss, in a new 125cc form. No telling what the price will be, but you may wanna get that 70cc kit for your 50cc version to hold you off until then (we’ve got some tantalizing video on this to show you on this very soon).

OH MY! What is THIS?!?! Could it BE??? I cannot believe my eyes! It’s a little fuzzy, but it appears that the ball is revealing some exciting announcements from CMSI… Not only on their TN’G line, but possibly on their thought-to-be-vapor-scoot, the “2007 Lambretta”.

That’s all I can say right now… my powers are fading me. I must get a scotch on the rocks.

In the meantime, makes plans to come back to for the Milan scoop in mid-November.

PS> According to a recent post from Illnoise at 2StrokeBuzz, we might see a brand spankin’ new 2007 Italjet Dragster too! *fingers crossed*

2 Responses to “Annual Halloween Scooter Predictions are in!”

  1. Bryce Says:

    A new Dragster would be pretty hot stuff.


  2. dudel Says:

    I would buy the MadAss 125. I recently emailed Tomberlin and asked whether they would be importing it to the USA but they never responded to my email.

    I would prefer it in black however.


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