The GT60 is nice… but what’s in the box?

Tue, Dec 19, 2006


Shawn in Virginia is a very fortunate man. He is one of 250 in the US who will own one of the most limited edition Vespas ever… The GT60 (and actually, I think he snagged one from Canada’s scheduled stock, leaving them with only 49 more… Sorry guys).

Anyway, you’ve probably seen the GT60, right? It’s the 60th anniversary 250cc modern fenderlight that harkens the stylistic callings of the original 1946 Vespa prototype. It’s a beautiful machine… and if I thought the wife would safely carry the kids to school on one, we’d sell the CR-V.

Well, when you drop the $8k it costs to score one of these rare babies, you get more than just a drool inspiring collectors item, you ALSO get a gift box mailed straight to you from Italy. What’s in this shoebox of the coveted? Shawn fills us in! (Without all the melty face, head a’sploding antics that go along with an Arc opening).

Well, before you click on the title link to see the unofficial unveiling, here’s what Shawn had to say about it:

I just got my box of goodies from Italy from the folks at Piaggio. These were all the appointments that came with the GT60. The box that everything comes in is quite beautiful in itself, divided into two levels. The top level has the silver satin vehicle cover which looks stunning on the bike. The bottom level has a hand tooled black leather box, lined in tan suede with a neat black leather wallet with the Vespa logo on it, assuming for title, registration and such. A black leather Vespa key fob which is quite nice. A silver plate that that my production number and I will be engraving my initials on it :-) Then there is the book. A special edition (specific to the GT60) of the ultimate vespa historical with EVERY model ever to come out of the Piaggio factory as well as wonderfully written text and more photos to sink a battleship. Quite an amazing package. I’ll photo everything for you so you can see what it’s all about. Cheers.


So go ahead and click on the title link and as you review the images start brainstorming yourself a money making scheme so you can get your own. I wonder how much I could get for a kidney.


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I’ve got TWO words. Jealously and Envy!


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