So long Humvee H1!

Fri, Jan 26, 2007


ƒu¢k you, Hummer
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This news is 6 months old, but it’s still fresh to me. It seems that 2006 was the last year for the Hummer H1. Yeah, I know… Other members of the Hummer family will still be at large, burning resources, but at least THIS one is dead. Here’s a snippet from BlogCritics Magazine:

“The hulking, gas-guzzling Hummer H-1 is going the way of the Dodo, the Desoto and the Daughtry, as GM has announced 2006 will be the last year for this 10-mile per gallon behemoth.

Mentioned in the news accounts of GM’s announcement is that environmentalists hated the H-1 for obvious reasons, while celebrities and off-road enthusiasts loved the indulgence and power offered by the mother of all Hummers. “

I’ll stop there because if your browsing from work and your IT group has a keyword checker, they will find a multitude of hits for words associated with men’s privates. Click on the title link to read the whole story once you get home.

Shout-out to Unpossibles for the great image!

There’s also a less vulgar version of the news over at the WashingtonPost. But they DO still mention THIS site. Oh, and don’t forget the short film!

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15 Responses to “So long Humvee H1!”

  1. Bryce Says:

    I hate to be the dissenting voice here, but the H1 was the only decent Hummer there was. Unfortunately, it they were bought by people who had no idea how to properly use one. Which is why GM brought out the H2 and H3, which are a Chevy Suburban and Trailblazer (respectively) dressed up to look a bit more butch.


  2. GenWaylaid Says:

    The H1 will still be with us, only as the military HMMWV. I expect there will be plenty of those on the used-vehicle market for a while:

    “For sale: HMMVW, tan, armor upgrade package, stereo, minor grenade damage.”


  3. cwj Says:

    no to nitpick…but shouldn’t the pic be of you guys saluting an H1, not an H2?

    Don’t get too happy. The H1 is being phased out by the military, which probably speaks to the discontinuation of the civvy model (and the knuckleheads moved in droves on the 13mpg H2). It is not unlikely that a civvy version of the military replacement will follow this one. Let us hope/pray against it anyway.


  4. Anonymous Says:

    Man.. You people really need to educate yourselves. The H1 gets an average of 16MPG and it’s a DIESEL! Some of us run Biodiesel too!

    The H2 and H3 are garbage, and are true gas-guzzlers.
    Stop being Sheep and EDUCATE YOURSELF!


  5. Steve Says:

    oOOOo! 16 Whole miles per gallon? In a vehicle that carries only 4 people and not much else? Call me when they get twice that.

    What’s the percentage is actually set up to use BioDiesel? 1%?

    I’m not a sheep. I think for myself… and so, I think the Hummer is a waste of time, money and resources for everyone except the Military.

    If it had a 3rd row seat that held more than 1 person or had a full size pickup truck bed on it, THEN it might be useful for something.


  6. Cliff Says:

    Actually you can buy 2 Aux Bench seats and make it into a 8 passenger even though it might be a bit tight. Also I am sure there is alot more H1′s setup to run BioDiesel than just 1% hell I run Biodiesel 7 months out of the year in my H1, and I am seeing more and more interest in the H1 community to transfer to Biodiesel.
    As for useful I find my H1 to be very useful not only does it act as transportation for my entire family it also is my convertible cruiser in the summer, my work horse when I need something towed or moved, and my toy when playing in the mud. Also has helped alot of “eco friendly” cars get yanked out of the snow and back onto their way.
    Steve im sorry to break it to you but you are a sheep, you hear about the global warming and get worried. then hear how scooters are soo great for the enviroment. so you go out and get one. Now you are hating on us Hummer owners just like all the other haters out there so yes you are a sheep hating on a “wolf in wolves clothing”.


  7. Humminator Says:

    Hey Scooter,
    The H1 comfortably runs 100% BioDiesel in
    the summer months and 20% in the Fall and
    Winter. It can seat upto 8 people in the
    wagon version and 6 in the 4 door version.
    Older H1′s will get between 14-18 mpg with
    the newest models now getting 20 – 24 mpg.
    They all can run 24 hrs a day in ANY
    weather and almost any terrain.

    Why be a sheeple when you can run with
    the wolves?


  8. Steve Says:

    That is TOO funny. Your knee-jerk reaction is “You sheep and your global warming cause!”

    What’s funny about that is that NEVER have I EVER used the words “global warming” at the scooter scoop EXCEPT in jest. Go ahead… do a search for “global warming” on my site. The search bar is right up there in the upper left corner.

    Cliff… Thanks for the correction on the aux bench seats. Knowing it could haul 8 passengers is a bit more comforting AND the idea that more and more Hummer owners are looking to Biodiesel definitely shows some degree of responsibility in the Hummer community, and I appreciate that.

    But again, I didn’t buy a scooter to curb global warming. I haven’t proven to MYSELF the true cause of global warming. I’m not a band wagon boy pointing at the Hummer and shouting “GLOBAL WARMING! GLOBAL WARMING!” A Hummer going 45 down the road might not even pollute as much as four classic oil burning Vespas going 45. I’m not going to rake out the cash to research that, but it’s possible.

    My main goal is to support the scooter and moped community. I’d like to see more people, especially commuters, take a scooter as a daily commuter vehicle. EVEN if it were just a fair weather rider. Scooters take up less space on the road and in parking lots, there are less resources required to build scooters, and they use far less gas when transporting 1 or 2 passengers to work. From a safety standpoint, the less 4-wheeled behemoths there are on the road the safer it is fof scooters and micro-commuters… AND IF global warming is indeed caused by Hummers burning loads of fossil fuels (as you suggest in the argument you present), then modern EPA/CARB certified scooters will help save us from a world devoid of snowcones and skiing… maybe WORSE!

    Humminator… Thanks again for the update on Hummers and Biodiesel / passenger space as well as abysmal fuel economy.

    Wolves are cool. They help keep the sheep in check. I’d rather be a people.

    Thanks for stopping in! It’s always interesting to hear from both sides of the spectrum.


  9. GANGSTER Says:

    for autor of this photo:fuck u bitch!! HUMMER WAS,is, and will be the best car… motherfucker!!



    hahahaha u guys r all faggets… fuck the prius and fuck the fucking smart car… H1 ALL THE WAYYY!!!! fuck al gore


  11. Anonymous Says:

    that is a h2 not an h1 lol…
    why dont u let people drive what they want to drive. u r probly just jealous because u can sit in a comfortable $70,000 Grade A offroad machine.


  12. Anonymous Says:

    funny the site is here to promote scooter use and the people flippin off the h2 are in a car the fact is you can never get rid of the trucks we use every day we need them only thing we can do is make them more fuel efficent If thats even possible I know how to solve the problem of renewable fuel bottle your farts and make an engine that runs on them!


  13. CeeVee Says:

    I love my bicycle, I love my Harley, I love my Buell, I love my boat, I love Jesus and I love my diesel Hummer H1. I support Bio-diesel when I can. The diesel engine was designed to run on peanut oil. That’s a lot more environmentally friendly then drilling holes in the ground. I also enjoy riding the Yamaha Vino 125 for short trips. Shorter trips I just walk. I think everyone knows by now that global warming was a scam to increase taxes on people.


  14. Mike Says:

    Hey look, its a bunch of tree hugging fagged ass pansy bitches sticking their middle fingers up at a truck. It’s amazing what jealousy will do to a person.


  15. Mike Says:

    The funny part is that scooters actually produce more pollution per gallon than a Hummer.


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