Mopeds inspire the next thing in Hip-Hop?

Wed, Jun 27, 2007

Funny, Moped

(video was shot, directed, and edited by Thunder Horse (Taran Allen, Alex Gvojic))

Took a trip out the the house of the Honky-Tonk Dragon (see title link) to see what’s new and I run into THIS.

Now, this isn’t some “Lazy Sunday” Mock-Rap, this is the real deal. These Chicago players, Hollywood Holt & Million Dollar Mano, do it right in what I can only describe as “Little Willie Style” (the opposite of the BIG Willie Style we’ve been hearing for WAY too long).

You may not dig it if you shun rap, but because of my hip-hop listening background (Since 1986) I fully appreciate what they are doing, especially in light of today’s “wack-ass” rap (“This is why I’m Hot“, anyone?). It’s very uncommon to hear someone rap about something that really IS real and on an “everyman” vibe… or at least fresh and entertaining.

Forget “platinum plated Bentley’s rollin’ on thirdy-twoz” and “diamond studded jets with swimming pools full of Cristal“! “Kitted Peds” and “Phat Sacks of Krystals” is where it’s at for the Oh-Eight!

If you dig it, check out their MySpace and soon to be updated Web Site.

If you’re interested we just got a copy of the lyrics posted in the comments for your reading pleasure.

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12 Responses to “Mopeds inspire the next thing in Hip-Hop?”

  1. vespabelle Says:

    And some that rhyme with Minarelli!

    This is soooo awesome!


  2. bryce Says:

    I was introduced to this video the other day. I used to love rap and hip hop until it became basically all about “hos,” “dope,” and “Benjamins”. This is totally real, not at all self aggrandizing, and it glamorizes something that is due for a little glamor.


  3. GenWaylaid Says:

    “Headlight’s goin out? Just jiggle the cord!”

    And here I thought I’d never buy anything I saw on a rap video. Better buy a moped now, before the publicity makes them cost as much as a blinged-out Sclade with iced spinners.

    One could make a strong argument that most of the value in a rap derives from the relevancy of its lyrics to the listener. I can relate when they’re getting down about performance pipes.


  4. Fat Tony Says:



  5. Steve Says:

    Oh, come on Fat Tony. You can’t tell me from a lyrical and delivery stand point it’s not as good if not better than any rap on the radio today.

    It’s only better because they’re talkin’ about mopeds.

    Topically, I put these guys on the list with MF Doom. If you dig Doom, there’s a chance you’ll dig this.


  6. Anonymous Says:

    Funny how people always talk shite about the South and then they turn around and bite the style!


  7. Anonymous Says:

    Although it is different from the rest of the crap on the airwaves. The concept isn’t new, y’all. See the videos for Special Ed’s “I’ve got it made (@ 1989) and Big Punishers “Still not a playa (1998).


  8. Anonymous Says:



  9. Spoon Says:

    That video kicks ass!


  10. Anonymous Says:

    Throw a Kit – Hollywood Holt ft.Million Dollar Mano

    Million Dollar
    Murder Club
    Peddy Cash

    Million Dollar gettin’ that
    got it from Curt (Curt Cameruci) or Pat (Patrick Turner)
    Gimme that step through, yeah cause I need that
    Throw a KIT on that bitch, just bought a moped
    Throw a KIT on that bitch, just bought a moped

    Hollywood gettin’ that
    got it from Curt or Pat.
    Gimme that top tank and yo I need that
    Throw a KIT on that bitch, just bought a moped
    Throw a KIT on that bitch, just bought a moped

    Million Dollar gettin’ that
    got it from Curt or Pat
    Murder Club on the hoodie
    Murder Club fresh Tatt
    If I got a fine bitch, I’mma throw her on the back
    Brake release feed on the peds, pull the throttle back
    Bitches in the parking lot
    Man, fuck the scene Ho
    Fiona Apple lookin’ bitches, man I’m straight yo.
    Can’t ride too long, I smell like a lawn mower
    But I’d rather ride my ped, than get inside a car door.
    “Is that a scooter?” No.
    “Can I buy it from you?” No.
    I don’t care about you tho, you can’t buy it from me yo.
    Police try to take me though, when I’m riding in the door
    My shit was going slow, so I had to go Pirelli Pro.


    I never fall, I never slip.
    Cause I just got on ebay and I got some racing slicks.
    And plus I just broke in my brand new Tomos Proma kit.
    With a biturbo, when it’s jetted up it’s fast as shit.
    Yeah man I’m killin it.
    Yeah, that’s right I said I got a bigger jet.
    Ridin’ clean on my top tank Targa LX.
    I only ride Tomos, but I got a few Garellis,
    plus a couple Puchs and some bikes that rhyme with Minarellis


    Murder club is the gang and we’re rollin’ mad deep.
    Ridin’ out with Peddy Cash and we killin’ these streets.
    Any other gangs try to step we don’t meet defeat,
    like this gang called Bloody Spokes, but them niggas mad weak.
    We don’t pay them no mind, 30 niggas wanna ride
    meet up at Curt’s house and we hit the south side.
    Watch out for the police, all through the Chi.
    If they see you ridin’ peds, they gonna pull you to the side.
    So we always ride in packs, stay together fo’ sure.
    If your headlights going out, just jiggle the cord.
    Mopeds are always broke, but they easy to fix.
    But we stay ridin’ clean, steady rollin’ all you tricks.



  11. Anonymous Says:

    To anonymous who said it’s been done before, the difference is this isn’t a joke rap. You ever been to Chicago? Mopeds are everywhere. These guys are serious.


  12. Atticus Says:

    love this video.
    i love even more Chuck Inglish and Mikey Rocks are in the background


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