Engine Hub? Um.. useful for… annoying coworkers?

Fri, Jun 29, 2007


Only a couple more videos to post. This one sure to be a best seller world wide… according to their president. You decide.

This might go nicely with a side order of FoodHub and a little “The Button” Hub desert.


4 Responses to “Engine Hub? Um.. useful for… annoying coworkers?”

  1. fat tony Says:


    I want one!


  2. Keys Says:

    I NEED one!!


  3. Cleat Says:

    this guy is bordering on insane.


  4. ifan23 Says:

    OK I bought one of these..I tied to fit it to my GP200, but the mounts were wrong. However I did mange to fit it to my Royal Enfield. Although pick up in first suffered, I was pleased to say that printing to a HP 1200 did improve on the straights, but cornering was a touch tricky.I wouldn’t recommend fitting to a Orange Krate, as I snapped the kickstart. But as it is 1mm of pure plastic, I wasn’t that shocked. I do believe Mallossi have a kit for this with a Taffspeed pipe, but I have heard that connecting to a Canon OES might suffer without a PM tune…who knows we can’t get them in Australia anyway.


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