Alix B. is putting PEACE on the map!

Thu, Aug 2, 2007


(Alix & Audrey preparing for the Peace Ride)

Well, right now Alix is passing the 117 mile point on her 9,000 mile journey. I’d say that’s about as Ironbutt as it gets, right there. On her trusty Genuine Buddy “Audrey”, she plans on riding from the White House (where ol’ Dubya works) and landing in Crawford, Texas (Dubya’s crib).

The idea is that she will travel for two months asking people from community to community to define Peace. What she captures on this journey will be part of a documentary for her “WE Space production”. As she states, “The P.E.A.C.E. Scooter Tour is an open invitation to co-create a more peaceful present and future”.

You should visit her site at and keep up with her daily travels. It makes for some good reading and she has lots of pretty pictures too. (oh, and Happy Birthday Alix! I hope you don’t have to put up with any more inconsiderate drivers.)

We wish you much success and plan on meeting up with you in Crawford to celebrate the event. Special shout out to Philip McCaleb over at Genuine Scooter Co. / Scooterworks (also proud sponsors of TheScooterScoop) for getting involved and helping her make it happen. You can always count on Phil to support a good cause.

(Crawford is as close to Austin as Alix is riding. It’s only 97 miles away. If she’s going 9000 miles, I think we can make a measly 200mile round trip. Just give us a date Alix.)

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4 Responses to “Alix B. is putting PEACE on the map!”

  1. Cam Says:

    Can anyone explain why women always insist on naming their vehicle with a name from a bygone era?

    I just don’t get it…


  2. ScooterScoop Says:

    *note to self… don’t name new scooter “Gregory”*


  3. Emily Says:

    Ha Ha! Audrey named herself. I swear, I didn’t even “struggle” with the name, it came to me on the first ride. I should drop the Y, in honor of Audre Lorde, who said “You can’t dismantle the master’s house, using the master’s tools”
    Anyways! I would be honored to have company at the finish line. Now that I have the date-I want to let you know….October 13, 2007! Thats a Saturday. I would love to ride back with you all and see Austin for the first time! The date is buffered for lag time, so count on it!


  4. Anonymous Says:

    “Peace Through Superior Firepower” is my kind of peace….


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