Oh Noes! It’s the Roketa Lambretta!

Wed, Nov 14, 2007


What happens when you take a Roketa scooter…

and silk screen the “Lambretta” logo on the engine cover? You get the Roketa MC-42. Can’t you see how much faster and more stylish this scooter is with “Lambretta” on the side? All I know is when you see a posting on CraigsList for a “Lambretta”, be sure to go take a look at it before you PayPal over the money. I’m just sayin’…
Thanks to Matthew J. for the scoopage!


9 Responses to “Oh Noes! It’s the Roketa Lambretta!”

  1. illnoise Says:


    Apparently some Italian company is selling those (in europe) and calling them “the new Lambretta.” It’s unclear (to me, anyway) whether they’re actually branding them as Lambrettas, or just calling them that in press releases, etc.

    “Roketa” may just be a U.S. brand name, Zhejiang Zhongneng (so eloquently) calls them “Gas Scooter ZN151T-F” though it’s likely other chinese factories are making the same bike, so they’re probably being sold by many importers all over the world with different names. That “corkboard” one at Dealer Expo last year (see link above) is just about the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen.


  2. Steve Says:

    Ugh, ain’t THAT the truth. It looked like it was built from reclaimed smoker’s lungs. YICK!

    I’ll admit, “Lambretta” does sound better than “Gas Scooter ZN151T-F”.


  3. fat tony Says:


    I thought that was then new exclusive TNG Volare?


  4. Javarod Says:

    Laughs, “The TNG Volare was never exclusive, I’d seen a couple of this body style being imported already, but that is a help, I knew one of the major importers was already bringing it in, thanks. Hmmm, Volare… does it have a slant 6?”


  5. scgt Says:

    Cyberscoot.it reports that there’s a new “Lambretta” Pato unveiled at the EICMA 2007. Pato? Isn’t that duck in Spanish? Hence, the ugly duckling = the new “Lambretta”?? Will this crap ever end.–Lorenzo


  6. Gianlkr Says:

    Motom Italia is the owner of Lambretta trademark. Is not a secret they sell chinese scooters with Lambretta brand. I don’t know why they have choosen a spanish word, however they say “pato” is like the ducks lived near Lambro river. And near Lambro there was the Lambretta factory. Sorry for my english… i hope you’ll understand… :)


  7. scgt Says:

    Found your nice article on the “Lambretta”, Gianluca, thanks! Motom Italia President Nicola Gurrado needs to go straight back to the drawing board. Associating duck to the once proud and majestic Italian badge is simply wrong. The Pato, however delicious when roasted à la Peking, is no Lambretta. At least the CMSI version evokes something emotional. Oh yeah, BTW, whatever happened to that…kwak, kwak!


  8. Gianlkr Says:

    I’m not so happy about those chinese scooters. Sure, this is not a Lambretta but… Lambretta was dead so… Good luck to them… hoping they will build a new real italian Lambretta. :)
    Gianluca (Proud owner of 1974 Vespa 150 Sprint Veloce)


  9. Anonymous Says:

    I have a 50cc of this model, its called Disegno here in the netherlands
    I think it's a great scooter.
    now I try to find a scale model of it.
    Is there anybody who can help me
    size 1:12 or bigger maybe in different colours
    If you know whre I can buy it , please send me a mail to w.eunen@@@@upcmail.nl
    remove 3 times @ in adres


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