Rise of the electric – Electric Buddy?

Sat, Dec 1, 2007


This week I want to give a little update on the world of electric scooters. Why? Well, our email box has been crammed full of electric scooter news and scoops over the last couple of weeks. So, without further delay here’s what we’ve got:

A good friend of ours, who’s name we shan’t reveal, gave us our first round of news bits. One of these items was exceptionally interesting and that was a news bit found floating around www.scoot-infos.com (title link). What we are looking at in the above picture is the PGO electric Bubu concept or as we know it, the Genuine Buddy. This is from the recent Milan show, and while it says “concept”, it seems it is in production right now for a possible Spring 2008 release in Europe? Does that mean we could see a lithium-ion battery powered, twin 300 (or 500) W hub motored, electric Genuine Buddy at the end of 2008? Well, I would pay close attention to the Genuine booth at the Indi Dealer Expo coming up in a couple of months.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I would love an electric Buddy!


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