UK Police already watching you, can now sneak up on your arse.

Wed, Dec 26, 2007


(The Vectrix has a whole new career and uniform to match)
David D. sent over this scoop from London Bikers (title link). Looks like the Hampshire police force has put a couple of these babies on the road for a 6 month test run. Their goal? Reduce carbon emissions, save money, sneak up on your arse like a MF’in NINJA!

Click on the title link to read the story, watch the video, let your stomach settle from your third helping of glazed ham.

Looks like the NYPD is joining in on the fun in 2008 as well… the funny thing is that the news networks titled the story as either NYPD Goes Green or Strange News. Why is it strange?

And I know Bryan is getting a kick out of this one titled “Freeze or I’ll Scoot!”, hehe, get it? Hahaha, SCOOT? He he h… erm. Nevermind. At least it’s fresher than THIS one, or THIS one.

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