The most exciting scoop I’ve ever posted

Fri, Jan 11, 2008


This month I’m so excited I can hardly stand myself. In case you haven’t been counting, in the next couple of weeks we’re expecting to reach our ONE MILLIONTH HIT! Woohoo! 1,000,000 total hits since we started back in April 2005, can you believe it? No seriously, who reads this crap?! ;) I’m kidding. I’ve worked hard to put up the nearly 1,600 posts I have since we started.

Well, we’ve got some other important news for you in 2008. As of right now, Steve Guzman (me), is the official point of contact for Italjet USA! Yes, you heard that right… All the blood, sweat and tears that I’ve put into and over the years are finally being put to good use. LS Motorsports has brought me on board to manage all aspects of Italjet Sales and Marketing.

I will be working closely with Italjet Moto (Bologna, Italy) to bring you the highly anticipated return of the Italjet Dragster as well as the Torpedo, the IT50 and MORE to be revealed!

Stay tuned for THE SCOOP from your inside-man at Italjet USA!

Now, speaking of “scoop”… The big question is, “What will happen to the scoop?”
Obviously, I cannot continue to do scooter reviews. I know that I could be fair and honest but I also know for some there will always be a question of bias, lowering the value of my work. There are other great resources for scooter reviews. I would like to continue to offer analysis on trends and scoops as they come up… it’s really a matter of available time, at least until after the Indi Dealer Expo.

As I begin to settle into this new position, I should be afforded more time in the evenings to dig for scoops; until then, it could be a bit slow around these parts. I will be sure to give you the scoop on what’s happening in my new job. I might even look at handing over the keyboard to another scooper while I get my bearings. Any interest?

Thanks again for tuning in. I’ll be back just as soon as I can.

PS> Hey Simon Evans (in the UK), I tried to reply to your email, but your mail server is a regular spam pitbull. EVERYTHING gets rejected. Didn’t want you to think I wasn’t interested in contacting you. Maybe you could reset your filter?

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31 Responses to “The most exciting scoop I’ve ever posted”

  1. Orin Says:

    Congrats on the new gig, Steve!


  2. scgt Says:

    Congratulations, Steve!

    I had a feeling that something BIG was happening to you…That’s wonderful! So r u working in Houston, or Austin? Good luck, man!



  3. drewbird911 Says:

    Steve Congratulations! Loyal readers will want the Hook Up, Like what is the pricing structure for the new line up? Availability, Etc. …


  4. Nate Says:

    What a sweet gig! I am so envious. Congrats.


  5. Tim Says:

    That’s awesome man! Way to go!


  6. David Says:

    Sweet! Are you going to get some of those up in OKC or will I have to roadtrip down south to try/buy one?


  7. Anonymous Says:

    nice…and congrats….

    you should ask if dudel wants the gig…he always seems to have the freshest scoops



  8. illnoise Says:

    Congrats, Steve. Sorry had to put you in the hot seat on 2sb today, but all you have to do to convince me is show me the bike. : )

    I want to see Italjets here more than anyone, and hearing you’re involved has given me more hope than anything else to date, but I’m still not on the Diamo bandwagon.


  9. Pvino Says:


    Congratulation to your new position – I’ve been enjoying your Scoop for sometime and hope your scoop will continue even though you will be busy with your new Marketing and Key point person position.

    Best wishes,



  10. Peter Says:

    Congrats. I wanna see Italjets in OKC too.


  11. Sleeveless Says:

    Congrats! Any chance they will bring back the Velocifero?


  12. Mike Werner Says:

    Way to go Steve, on both accounts !!!


  13. RickRussellTX Says:

    Great! Now get them to open a dealership in LA so I can buy an Italjet Dragster 250!


  14. Casey Says:

    What is best in life?
    In my book it’s making a living doing something you love. Congratulations Steve on yet another success!


  15. nmark Says:


    Heh heh, just kidding Steve.

    Congrats and don’t forget to regularly violate your non disclosure agreements to send us scoops.

    I don’t see any reason to stop personal reviews so long as you include a disclaimer that you are associated with Italjet/LS Motorsports. It is no worse than ‘professional journalists’ being paid by advertisers.



  16. illnoise Says:

    In the interest of accuracy for my story that I already published, ha, is LS/Diamo’s operation properly called “ItaljetUSA,” or “ItaljetAmerica?” the site is, but I seem to recall Mathu calling it ItaljetUSA (and you did just now), despite the fact that was the name of the old distributor, which wouldn’t be a problem if their site wasn’t still turning up on the first page of searches for “Italjet America” AND “Italjet USA.”


  17. ScooterScoop Says:

    HEY! Thanks for all the supportive comments everybody! I’ll answer your questions in an upcoming post, but real quickly on the official name.

    We’ve got both ItaljetAmerica and ItaljetUSA. I suggested that we go with the USA address to save a syllable. Now we just have to redesign that website and start building some Google cred. It needs some serious work.


  18. Keys Says:

    So, since you’ll now be riding Italjets, can I have your T-5?


  19. nyp797 Says:

    Best to ya, though by now the “Scoop” is part of 2 wheeled MSM (Main Stream Media) and as such a true entity. Hope that you’ll be able to wear both hats, and none here worry over conflicts of interest. You Go Guy!
    Rick, Queens, NY


  20. Steve Williams Says:

    Congratulations Steve on your traffic milestone and your new adventure with Italjets. Judging by the amazing work you have done with the Scoop you will be an incredible resource in your new position.

    For someone as creative and driven as you are I’m certain you will figure out a way to transform the Scoop into something new.

    Steve Williams
    Scooter in the Sticks


  21. JKerstinJ Says:

    Congratulations Steve! All that hard work really did pay off.

    I’ve seen a few older Italjets in South Florida and they were really nice. The guys that owned them said they were really fast too.



  22. eric Says:

    congrats, always good to hear when someones passion becomes their career.

    maybe you can convince italjet to bring the 125cc dragster to the US. There is a space in my garage for that, but not so much the 50 or 250.


  23. stoft Says:

    “No seriously, who reads this crap?! ;)” Apparently even non-scooterists. I’m a certified commuter/cyclist, even though I live in Italy (!) but I was looking around for information on environment friendly vehicles (especially scooters) about 8 months ago and I got hooked. :-)


  24. TS1 Says:

    yo steve can u pLease pLease PLEASE get itaLjet to send some dragsters to SINGAPORE especiaLLy the 250cc ones. i’m super serious. thanks.

    congrats to ur new job!



  25. Anonymous Says:

    Congrats on the new position!
    -Deejay Exo (“”)


  26. JR Says:

    AWESOME! But I miss the scoop already. Can you help us out here? I’m not asking for much. Maybe an oddity or a little “WTF?!” scooter of the week? Anything really.


  27. jim smith Says:

    yeah, yeah, who owes me a beer at Indy??!!

    Congrats Steve!

    Would’ve posted sooner but got hit with a killer cold the past week.

    Just make sure we’re 1st on the list when Italjet reintroduces the Vampiro 49cc:

    Italjet Vampiro


  28. Anonymous Says:

    RE: “Just make sure we’re 1st on the list when Italjet reintroduces the Vampiro 49cc: Italjet Vampiro”

    Wow! Build me one of those with the Piaggio 500 engine and ECVT with final chain drive from the Mana.



  29. Heinz & Frenchie Says:

    Hats off to you! Wishing you lots of continued success in your new position.


  30. Heinz & Frenchie Says:

    Hats off to you! Wishing you lots of continued success in your new position.


  31. Anonymous Says:

    Evans! OMFG! There goes the neighborhood! (wink)

    Cool beans, SG.

    Be careful around them there Italians! They can get illustrious and way too worryfull.

    Well, when the first lot of Italjets from Texas are offered – gimme a call and lemme know. It may be time to kick a Helix’s ass!


    No – but really – congratz!


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