Best of Indi 2008 – Rescue Tape

Tue, May 6, 2008

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Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to roam the halls too much at the Indi Dealer Expo this year, but my band of Hooligans (Casey & The Dude) did, and one of the things that stood out to them the most (besides booth babes), was a booth babe who offered to wrap up their fingers in this crazy stuff called Rescue Tape.

Now, The Dude is no small guy. At 6’5″ and 200-sumthin’ pounds he makes short work of loading his Vespa into the back of his pickup truck, by himself. Still, when this girl wrapped him up, he couldn’t pull the tape off. He was starting to get claustrophobic until she busted out the scissors to cut him loose.

This video is from Latitudes and Attitudes. The pirate on the right is Bob Bitchin, and the sales guy in the video, Ron Cordas, is doing a nice job at selling something as boring as tape. Click on the title link to go directly to the Rescue Tape site. This stuff would be great if you needed to repair a broken fuel line, a leaky exhaust, an electrical connect prone to getting water logged or if you needed a temporary replacement throttle grip. They say it’ll even work as an emergency fan belt or tourniquet in the event of a bloody gash. No word on whether or not it can be used as an emergency prophylactic.

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3 Responses to “Best of Indi 2008 – Rescue Tape”

  1. Car Marketing Says:

    thats hilarious!!

    When the man is able to lift his scooter all by himself into his truck, then why on earth he cant free himself from a silly tape…
    sounds interesting..Hey also i wanna say the video is not running

    Good efforts mate
    Automotive dealership marketing


  2. RickRussellTX Says:

    I found an equivalent product available for much cheaper — “x-treme tape” at 1 inch wide by 10 feet long for $4.


  3. MarkVandy Says:

    ^ I’ve seen both of those tapes side-by-side and the rescue tape is WAY better. if you look at the specs closely, youll notice a world of difference.


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