Taiwanese noodle scooter stunter brother

Fri, Jun 27, 2008


See title link for source because I’m about to pass out from lack of sleep. G’nite!

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6 Responses to “Taiwanese noodle scooter stunter brother”

  1. GenWaylaid Says:

    See, America? You don’t have to give up the things you love to do in your cars when you switch to a scooter!


  2. Tim Says:

    That’s how I eat breakfast on the way to work every morning.

    Any idea what he was saying?


  3. Steve Says:

    :D -BWAHAHA! That’s right guys! And to think I had resigned the “croissant & coffee knee driving” when I got a scooter… time to start practicing!


  4. neoboboo Says:

    Hey, take a peek at this~
    You guys would flip…


    ALSO FROM TAIWAN. (Me Taiwanese)


  5. Steve Says:

    wow Neoboboo! That lady was doing some crazy maneuvers on that scooter. I was a news follow up and looks like she was hospitalized:

    Can anyone sum up what they are saying in that news cast?


  6. neoboboo Says:

    Hey Steve~

    Basically, what she said was…

    “The time wasted on riding and waiting for red lights could be put in use in more productive ways…” LOL, I would agree but I am not as brave as she!

    In the end she was hospitalized on a following occasion~~ who knows how many of these stunt had she pulled already. I’d be flabbergasted if I could see that in person~~ LOL


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