This cute little Choi Nori

Mon, Jul 14, 2008


Here’s an image from the Clipper Monsoon flickr collection of a girl in Kyoto, Japan on her Suzuki Choi Nori. According to this site, Choi Nori basically translates into “A little trip”… something like that. Click the link to read more than you’ve ever wanted to know about the little Choi Nori or click on the title link to see Clipper Monsoon’s photo collection.

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5 Responses to “This cute little Choi Nori”

  1. Tim Says:

    That is one of the coolest little scooters I have ever scene!


  2. Anonymous Says:

    I like her style – ridin’ side saddle with her retro Asics runners. The high res pic reveals chain drive and the muffler ahead of the engine. Looks like a sweet little machine.


  3. martin h Says:

    yes, cool they are , just dont try buying 1 from a hungarian. unless you are of hungarian pure blood, or is that pure shit…..cunts


  4. martinherrick Says:

    hi steve, sorry but theres a virus on my email account, just 1 more thing wrong with hungary. theres a guy here who has about 6 or 7 choi nori bikes for sale, i met up with him and arranged to buy one from him, he had a new one but wouldnt sell it to me….even though it was advertised for sale on the net. after 2 weeks of waiting for him to get back to me to let me pick the bike up i wanted ,suddenly there was a problem. when i called him he just put the phone down on me and eventually when i emailed him i got a pretty curt reply,ie, not for sale to me. the bikes are all still being advertised for sale on the net. i checked here at a bike retailer and anyone can buy a moped here and ride it legally in hungary, but the way ,these people think, theyre the first to criticise anyone different to them, the jews , black people……shockingly theres still a chocolate covered marshmallow biscuit product for sale here called a neger choc which translated directly into english means niggers kiss. honestly, talk about backwards. anyway i told this guy i wanted the bike to drive to work……what””” , yes a foreigner trying to take the bread out of the poor hungarian workers mouths, or something lame like that. the next dealer i find here with a choi nori i will tell them i want it to go fishing on. actually i dont think the hungarian workers eat bread, there are plenty of them staggering out of the bars at 7am with a bellyful of palinka…..a rough as you like 40% alcohol to wake them up on the way to work.


    • Steve Guzman Says:

      That’s pretty weak. I’m sorry to hear you’re getting such a hard time. Are you going to send in a friend to buy it for you or are you going to tell ‘em to bugger off and try to import one from Asia?


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