DN-01 captured in the wild

Tue, Jul 22, 2008


Our Korean compadres, Furange custom factory, have captured a shot of the Honda DN-01 in the wild. I hear it’s been available for 4 months now, but I haven’t seen a whole lot of photos of one on the streets. If you’ve ever wondered what a DN-01 would look like with extra storage, check out this custom job Furange is doing for someone. It’s ok, but something about it is not quite right.

In case you wanted to know what they sound like, watch this:

Though this DN-01 aftermarket pipe sounds even better.

***UPDATE 7/30/08***
Hell for Leather says Honda has recently been dipping their DN-01 “toe” in the American market “waters” to see what we think. Click here to read their scoop.

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11 Responses to “DN-01 captured in the wild”

  1. Enviromoto Says:

    That to me is a automatic motorcycle.


  2. Tim Says:

    I like the looks of this bike much more than the weirdo Morphous from Yamaha.


  3. Anonymous Says:

    The DN-01 is hot! But I don’t like it with the extra cases, especially the bulbous top case. It would look much better with a smuggler style top case from Corbin, like what they made available for the Majesty.


  4. GenWaylaid Says:

    If they wanted to go for more storage, an integrated trunk like the one on the Pacific Coast or the Helix might look nice on a DN-01.


  5. dudel Says:

    The DN-01 uses a heavy cruiser type frame, simple cruiser type suspension, low-horsepower cruiser type v-twin engine, long cruiser type wheelbase, and has a cruiser layout and cruiser ergonomics. Reportedly, the computer won’t let you have fun shifting if it thinks it knows better and one motorcycle journalist referred to it as a “nannying” and the engine has been detuned to make it even more sluggish then the already underpowered version used in the Deaville. Seriously, this bike is a Honda Shadow VLX 700 with a batman fairing and a nanny-tranny. I was so excited about the hydrostatic transmission but now I’m just disappointed with both the transmission and how overweight, underpowered, and ridiculously long the wheelbase is on this bike. Also, look at the price. Other than the hydraulic transmission and batman plastic in front it’s an old-tech bike with an old-tech engine and an old-tech frame and old-tech suspension. Look at the price, features, and weight of the DN-01 and compare it to the Foreman ATV with hydrostatic automatic gearbox. four wheels and disc brakes, switchable 2-4WD transmission, two differentials, and a weight of only 273kg. Likewise, compare the weight, horsepower, and wheelbase of the DN-01 to the Aprilia Mana 850 automatic motorcycle which uses a light-weight trellis frame, provides sport-bike handling, and has built-in front storage for a full-face helmet. Honda, we’ve been begging you to build the Griffon Concept (aka GRF-1) with the flat-four 750cc engine and you give us this cobbled-together faux cruiser with junk bin parts? Honda you suck!


  6. scgt Says:

    “Very quiet!”,says the man in the video (in Japanese).

    I would rather have an Aprilia Mana.–Lorenzo

    **Hey, Steve

    Shouldn’t you be @ Amerivespa?? Whom do we turn to for day-to-day rally reports this year, I wonder…


  7. ScooterScoop Says:

    Enviromoto, Welcome back!
    I agree. For me it fits into the world of “wheeled oddities”… that’s one reason we cover it here… Also, we used to be big Honda Fanboys, but lately they leave us wanting.

    TIMMY! Look at you hatin’ on the Morph! After my test ride, I would actually own one… Details to come.

    Anon! Yes, you are correct sir/madam. The “bat lines” are broken by those big honkin’ cases.

    Genwaylaid! I like where you’re going with that. I was one of those guys that liked the PC… probably because I owned a Helix.

    Dudel! :D -HAHAHA! I haven’t seen such fire and brimstone from you before. I see Honda is a touchy subject for you too. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Right Lorenzo? Thanks for your insight. I’m pretty certain that NOW Honda will not bring the DN01 to the USA.

    Lorenzo! Man, I had plans on being there. I guess you didn’t go either? Or, are you there? I talked to Josh (Scoot Mag) just 4 minutes ago and he gave me the obligatory “wish you were here”. It would be nice. I guess I’ll have to take a rain check until 2009. :( Do we know where it will be?


  8. scgt Says:

    Is that right? Unleaded gas went down 50 cents a gallon since last week?


  9. scgt Says:

    Hey, Steve

    That little gas price widget is way too optimistic, man! AAA is way more reasonable, imo.

    As for Amerivespa 2009, it has been announced: “San José, California”, baby! Do you know your way to San José?!



  10. Tim Says:

    I’m not hatin’ From dictionary.com:

    2. fantastic; bizarre: a weird getup. See Yamaha Morphous.


  11. Peter T Says:

    I was in Tokyo in May and there was a bike/scooter rental place that had one of these and some other sweet stuff. I didn’t get to rent it ’cause I didn’t have an international driver’s license, but snapped a couple shots anyway!

    I love it! Looks like I can’t imbed images, so here is a link, if yer curious:


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