No WONDER more people ride scooters in Taiwan

Fri, Aug 22, 2008


Because their promotions really grab the consumer. No, I don’t think you understand. Watch the video.

Cheers to counterspade in Taiwan for sharing!


2 Responses to “No WONDER more people ride scooters in Taiwan”

  1. Tim Says:

    That was a lot of fun!


  2. eggspanther Says:

    It is fun. Doesn’t need to be shiny and new tho’. I’m an expat, living in Taiwan, and returning home soon, so I’m looking for the scooter scoop. There are more scooters than there are people here, and maybe twice as many mobile phones. It’s easy owning a scooter. If there is ANY fault, you can push it 100 meters to a workshop, and they’ll fix it then and there. A shredded belt costs 20 minutes and 20 bucks.


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