Review: 2008 QLink Commuter 250

Fri, Sep 5, 2008

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What?! TSS reviewing a Chinese scooter?! Yes, we did. I would definitely suggest checking out the writeup over at that goes with this video… and even though I’ve had more than one person say that the name “QLink” reminds them of some sort of breakfast sausage, I think they’ve really put their heart behind their dealer support and for Chinese products that’s a very important first-step.

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9 Responses to “Review: 2008 QLink Commuter 250”

  1. RickRussellTX Says:

    When I changed out the brake pads on my Helix, the stopping power was definitely weak for a few dozen miles or so. I imagine the braking will improve when the pads break in.

    That 55 mph limit seems a little bogus though. Break-in is important, but are you going to get another 20 mph out of it?


  2. fat tony Says:

    Wow, what a P.O.S. scooter. The “K” on the Qlink badge in the rear was even missing from the bike on the video.
    Good interview, though!
    “parsimonious” Nice!


  3. Supersoul Says:

    These PRCrap clones scare me. What good is a 2 year warranty when you have as thin a dealer network as Qlink? Good luck finding one if you happen to be on a road trip. Remember when the Korean automobiles first hit the US? It took 10+ years before they got the quality control down pat. I’d stick with a Taiwanese scoot for now.


  4. Anonymous Says:

    Scooters from China still have a very long way to go before my backside will be on one.
    Stick with Yamaha or a name brand.


  5. Tim Says:

    Quality-wise, this review backs up another of your Chinese clone bike reviews –


  6. art Says:

    Qlink was name of the forerunner of Steve Case’s AOL software back in the days before the internet. It was a bulletin board service. Old geeks just ride on, I guess.


  7. GenWaylaid Says:

    “Parsimonious”? Steve, are you picking these words off a list or something? It would be kinda cool if you just fed the whole review into an online thesaurus and that word popped out.


  8. Anonymous Says:

    I rented a Chinese scooter in Miami a few years ago. It was their top brand and model….20 miles into the trip, the drive-belt snapped and locked the back tire.

    The scooter had less than 1,500 miles.


    • Me Says:

      Hey Anonymous:

      Err, if the belt snaps a scooter goes into “neutral”, theback tire couldn’t lock. Nice try though.


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