Review: 2008 Piaggio Vespa S

Another one of those little companion videos that go with the reviews I’ve been doing for our buddies from in the Great White North.

***UPDATE 9/7/08***
Reader feedback: Darren, on whether or not a full face helmet will fit under the seat of the Piaggio Vespa S scooter.

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4 Responses to “Review: 2008 Piaggio Vespa S”

  1. Darren Says:

    A couple things after watching the video and reading the review you linked to:
    - The rear brake is drum, not disc. There’s no disc visible anywhere, even when your video zooms in to the rear wheel/muffler.
    - Having owned an LX, and knowing the body and underseat storage are the same, there is no way a full-face helmet will fit under the seat.
    - As far as I can tell, there’s the same amount of metal on the LX as on the S (plastic mudguard, headset cover, upper floorboard, etc.).
    - Having ridden the S, I can say that it is a bit peppier at low speeds, and the shocks are tighter. My local dealer didn’t know why either, as the specs are identical to the LX. Don’t know if that affects gas mileage.


  2. ScooterScoop Says:

    Hey Darren!
    1) You’re DARNED right! I have no idea how I fooled myself into saying “Front and Rear discs”. Thanks for catching that. I can easily update the mistake in the write up… the video however, we’ll see.

    2) Ah HAH! I may have you there. Watch for the video in just a bit.

    3) On closer inspection of the LX, I think you are again correct. So, now I don’t have a good explanation on why the S costs less than the LX. Just the glove box? I don’t know.

    4) I’ve been hearing the same thing, at least on the suspension side. They must not exactly be exactly the same under those body panels.

    Thanks for the feedback man!


  3. sean Says:

    Steve, your site is just full of good information! Under seat storage big enough for a full face helmet is a must if trade up to a new scooter. I don’t want to carry my helmet into work, or a store on the way home. It rains here sometimes for no apparent reason so leaving it on the helmet clip isn’t always a good idea either. As it is I can fit a large full face helmet under the seat of my Zuma, it fit’s especially well upside down. As a side issue I can also carry a twelve pack of beer comfortably between my feet on the floor board!


  4. scgt Says:

    I was so looking forward to getting one of these until I found the mp3 500.

    Great review, Steve!–Lorenzo


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