Review: SYM RV 250 Maxi Scooter

Tue, Sep 9, 2008

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This video is a bit different that what we’ve done before. There were so many bells and whistles on this machine I decided to just use the video to cover them. The link to the actual review will be post in the next couple of days.

***UPDATE 9/9/08***
We had an Anonymous comment wanting to see 10,000 or 20,000 miles on one of these. This image is from MattJo-tw’s photostream on flickr showing 19,715 km which is just over 12,000 miles. This shot was from back in 2007.

Sure, it needs an oil change, but it’s still runnin’! Hope that helps.

***UPDATE 9/12/08***

(Image Source: KHeresy Flickr)
MAN!  I forgot to cover a bell, or is that a whistle?  Anyway, the RV250 has water bottle storage under that little panel to the right of the handle bars.  Did I forget anything else?  We’ll see.

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24 Responses to “Review: SYM RV 250 Maxi Scooter”

  1. Supersoul Says:

    Looks really good. Nice extra touches, bells and whistles. 80 MPH. Contemporary design is not overstated. $5000 = way more bang for the buck than the Japanese competition. This scoot looks like a huge winner to me. This could be my next scooter.

    Steve….Is the fit and finish as good as it seemed in the video? How ’bout ride comfort and acceleration?


  2. Tim Says:

    Great review for a great bike!


  3. Anonymous Says:

    Show me one with 10 or 20,000 miles on it.


  4. Anonymous Says:

    Great video, one of the best you’ve produced yet. I love this bike and had it been available when I was buying it would have been a serious contender. Great features, nice style and competitive price. I look forward to the written review as well.

    Dan in Milwaukee


  5. Anonymous Says:

    That gun mount is hilarious. Watch out soccer moms!


  6. Anonymous Says:

    Finally….features, quality ride from the Asian tiger.

    I like it!


  7. RickRussellTX Says:

    I liked that a lot more than your “plain vanilla” reviews. More character and more information — a lot of those details were things that just don’t make it into specification lists and product web sites, so without a knowledgeable person to show them off, we’d never know about them.

    When I bought Scooty Puff Jr. (yellow 2004 Helix) last year, the SYM RV250 was on my short list of scooters that I would have bought if I couldn’t find anything on the used market. And I didn’t know about most of those convenience features.


  8. Marc Says:

    Loved the minigun mount… I wasn’t expecting that at all. My wife wanted to know what I was laughing at.

    Just like something out of a Monty Python movie.

    “We are the Knights who say… NI!”


  9. Steve Says:

    GREAT! That’s exactly what I was going for. Shout out to Ed at Big Ranch Films for throwing that together real quick.

    I had asked for a simple Python type animation and got much more than I expected… and MUCH quicker than I had dreamed. Thanks Eddie!


  10. SYM Lover Says:

    I have a SYM HD200, which I absolutely love. MY HD200 is super fast and blows away the People S200.
    I wonder how the RV250 compares to Kymco’s 250s?
    I’m going to have to take one of the RV 250′s out for a test drive.
    I wonder if my wife will let me bring home another scooter?


  11. Bart Says:

    A definite over achiever!! As a 2007 SYM RV250 owner with just over 3700 miles, I can honestly say the RV250 has exceeded my expectations. Thanks for the review Steve. I have pointed out to my friends those easily unnoticed values like the lighting and cavernous storage. The excellent display. No question, it’s a great scooter value.


  12. RickRussellTX Says:

    In the 250cc value segment, it looks like Aprilia and SYM are really leading the pack. Aprilia’s Sportcity 250 has the best power/weight for the dollar in the 250cc class, and SYM has most of the performance and all the clever features.

    As Honda continues to adulterate its US scooter offerings, it’s good to see that some manufacturers have the good sense to step up.


  13. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Steve, your reviews are getting better and better! But your rolling end credits are more suited to a 2 hour motion picture, that could be much snappier. I like the bonus bits at the end though.


  14. ScooterScoop Says:

    Yeah, those credits were a bit long. I wanted to show more of the scooter on the scenic road… but I didn’t wanna talk any more. So, I fill that road time with credits. :)

    Thanks for all the feedback everybody!


  15. Perry Says:



  16. Anonymous Says:

    Hi! I just got my SYM GTS 250i (that’s what it’s called here in Sweden) the day before yesterday. One of the reasons I chosed it was your review. I have just finished the crank in (100 km under 40 miles/hour) period and started to carefully test it’s performance. As far as I yet can tell, I have to agree in any way with everything in your review. This is a fantastic scooter.


  17. Blacktop Disciple Says:

    Awesome review! I love the humor (mini-gun and pedaling alongside the road)! I currently own the SYM HD200 – love it! I probably shouldn’t say that because it will create increased demand for SYM’s and you know what that does to prices…

    …anyway, I am giving serious thought to purchasing an RV250 in the off-season – I’m talkin’ December. Might be able to get a good price then.

    Thanks for the review!!!


  18. Says:

    I want one with the gun !!! I bet you would be visible to the others on the highway then !!

    sent from:


  19. Says:

    Yet another bell or whistle ?
    Are there not signal lights on the rear side of the mirrors?

    sent from:


  20. eugey Says:

    I bought the SYM GTS 250cc Voyager ( as it's known here in New Zealand). I bought it second hand with 2000klm on the clock, 2006 model ( same specs from 2005-2008). I get on it and ride out on the open road…don't want to get off!. Last weekend took a 400klm round trip, cruising at 110kph on the speedo ( had a GPS with me….true speed 100kph..which I believe is true of most bikes….10% difference between speedo reading and actual speed). anyway..did the round trip on a tank of gas…which gave me 28.57 klm per ltr…or 3.5 ltrs to the 100klm. Or around 77mpg.I'd thoroughly recommend this bike to anyone who is contemplating buying it…good acceleration, low centre of gravity, great at cornering, good underseat storage.


  21. ScooterScoop Says:

    No turn signals on the mirrors on the USA version… doesn't meet DOT spec. But you could always order them from overseas.

    Oh! And thanks for the report Eugey! Another satisfied rider. :)


  22. Royce Childress Says:

    I’ve had my RV 250 now for 2 years and I still love it. I bought mine from a dealer here in King County Washington who handles many brands so I had a chance to try several 250cc scooters including Honda. The SYM is a clear winner. It will cruse effortlessly at 70 with my 260 lbs on it. I’ve been riding for 70 years and now enjoy the automatic transmission and electric start. I wish it had more storage room but with the optional trunk I get by OK. With the price of gas what it is, I find myself enjoying the near 80 mpg. I have no trouble keeping up with my friend’s Goldwing on longer rides. The small wheels won’t do those tight figure 8s but other than that the handling is great and the brakes are very good with no tendency to slide on dry asphault. I was a Norton “Feather-bed” rider for many years and a Manx the SYM isn’t but I no longet have to go 130 mph.


  23. Kent Says:

    DFW, TX resident 57 yrs old, just bought a 2009 SYM 250RV and love it.
    My first bike. Paid $2999.00 with only 20 miles on it..from dealer. Any idea where I can find the larger SYM windscreen in the states? Looks like I will have to ship in from Canada…and pay quite a bit more.


  24. Mike Dillard Says:

    I have a Yamaha VStar 1100 and have ridden for many years. Now that I’m 58 years old, with knee problems and a herniated disc in my neck, I am selling the Yamaha and figured that my 2 wheel riding days were over. Then, I happened to see a number of maxi scooters in my local park while I was taking a walk. I had never considered a scooter because I thought of the little 50cc models that putt around at 30 to 35 mph. After checking out these maxi scooters, I began to research on the internet. I got interested and almost made the mistake of ordering a Chinese bike, but thanks to some good forums, I discovered all the problems associated with these bikes. I came to the conclusion that I needed to get a scooter made in Japan, Taiwan, or Italy, but the prices were high. Someone suggested checking out Craigslist for a used one, so that is what I did. I just happened to find a 2008 SYM RV250 approximately 50 miles away from me with only 2600 miles on it. A lady bought it new in order to learn to ride on two wheels, so she could join her husband on some touring jaunts. She only rode around her subdivision and just this year, she took the motorcycle safety course and got her motorcycle license. Her husband got her a Yamaha VStar 600 so she didn’t feel the need to hold onto the scooter. There is a scuff mark under the left floorboard from her dropping it when she first got it…other than that, it was perfect, in that beautiful red color. Everything worked perfectly and I was very impressed with it. I got it at a fantastic price, less than half what they cost new, and I have not looked back. I have ridden it for several hundred miles now and I hate to get off of it. From the good fit and finish, to the excellent lights, great acceleration, wonderful brakes, nice instrumentation, fantastic storrage, and overall look…I couldn’t be happier! It’s so easy to get on and off of and holding it up is no problem. I have looked at other, bigger scooters since getting this scooter, but I honestly believe that I will just hang on to this one. Oh…and the mileage…anywhere from 60 to 75 mpg, depending on how I drive her and the road conditions. I am 6 feet and weigh 260 pounds and the bike hauls me with no problem. Get one…you will not be disappointed!


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