Aprilia unveils the new SportCity Cube 250

Thu, Sep 11, 2008


Caught this story on Motorcycle-USA.com today, though I should have heard it from their marketing company Brandware.  Jeff, where’s the love?  The SCOOTER scoop looses the scoop to MOTORCYCLE-USA?  *sigh*

So an update to the very popular, sexy and hard to find Aprilia SportCity 250 is expected soon.  It’s a complete redesign that doesn’t stray far from her original format.  The engine is a liquid cooled, 244cc, 4-valve that produces 22.5 hp at 8000 rpm, just like the 2008 version and her price hasn’t changed that much; just $100 more than the ’08 version.

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4 Responses to “Aprilia unveils the new SportCity Cube 250”

  1. scgt Says:

    Is this another snafu not unlike the Vespa GTS 300 Super’s (which were actually 250′s)? Whatever happened to the 278.3 cc, 22.5 HP European Sporcity Cube’s? These must be just another weird shipment of “US-Only” Cube 250′s.–Lorenzo


  2. fat tony Says:

    Are these made in China like the Scarabeos or are they actually being manufactured in Italy?


  3. Steve Says:

    'Renzo! Yeah, I hope that's a typo. I'd love to see her in a 278cc version. Though the REAL GTS Super 300 is on the way and is supposed to be HOT on the road… like wants to pop a wheelie and stuff.

    Fat Tony! You know. I'm not 100% positive. I had heard that of these two machines, but I can't say without a doubt. I need to research that though. If so, I'm actually a bit impressed. They kept a nice finish on those machines… maybe
    Chinese manufacturing + outside design and Q&A = "not bad after all"?


  4. Anonymous Says:

    I bought a Sportscity a year ago last spring and it is the only thing I want to drive in the Summer. I have 6,300 miles on mine and take it to work every day about a 25 mile commute on a freeway. The Sportcity keeps up with traffic and will top out at about 80 mph. Sometimes, at that speed, I let off the throttle, because it feels unstable in the wind. Brakes are great and I go about 160 miles between fill ups. It is about as small as a 50 cc scooter so I get away with parking it on the sidewalk. I love the weight of the scooter because, as an old guy, 59 yrs, I can move it around the garage to fit everything in. I haven't had any mechanical problems with it.


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