Is the Honda Super Cub Chopper real?

Wed, Oct 1, 2008


Caught this recently and I must say I was rather intrigued. Looks cool. Sounds cool. But, is it really what they say it is or rather WAS? A Honda Super Cub? Here’s where I ask my good friends in Japan to help us out. Kuroneko? Akisan? Do you have any additional info on this or how I can build one? ;)

***UPDATE 10/01/08***
Aki sends us these nuggets from Japan:

Hello Steve,

I think he likes the USA’s street style and made
this motorcycle himself. Here’s some more examples.
Late 80′s DIY 50cc Chopper.
American influenced but Honda built.
American influenced but Yamaha built.
American influenced but Suzuki built.


Ahh, it’s comforting to know that Easy Rider made it to the far East. Arigato for the links!

Speaking of movies… We’re gonna miss you Paul Newman. You were rare and shining example of what happens when a person of means chooses good over greed. Thank you for that. (click that link to see Letterman’s tribute and Newman on a scooter at 8:43 in.)

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3 Responses to “Is the Honda Super Cub Chopper real?”

  1. GenWaylaid Says:

    Well, that’s certainly the right type of engine down there. Those things can be bought with up to 125cc. Modified exhaust, heavily reworked frame, completely different wheels…there’s no reason to believe that any actual Cub parts went into this thing, but there could be some commonality. It’s mighty sweet, despite the ridiculous wheelbase.


  2. Tim Says:

    It could be built on one of the Chinese made replacement engines as well. Either way, that’s cool.


  3. Motorcycle Fairings Says:

    if it so it sucks, i hope it gets the original one


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