Scooters make the top 10 vehicles for the "Financiapocalypse"

Wed, Oct 1, 2008


Beating out the Bicycle and Mini-Winnebago as best ride for the post $700 BILLION dollar bail-out is a long time favorite of ours, the lowly Scooter. Scooters don’t normally conjure up visions of Mad Max, but it could (ask the HiTechRedneck). To read the rest of this top 10 on, click on the title link.

*Steve looks forward to hopping on one of these oddities, perhaps while sporting the Lord Humungus get-up?*

13 Responses to “Scooters make the top 10 vehicles for the "Financiapocalypse"”

  1. Tim Says:

    Cool. I hope we get to wear the assless chaps too!


  2. Danny Hooligan Says:

    I am shaving my hair into a mohawk as we speak!


  3. Anonymous Says:

    Assless chaps? Non-assless chaps are called um.. pants.


  4. Brouhaha Says:

    FYI, that picture is Carlos (charlybrwn134) from the New York Scooter Club.


  5. ScooterScoop Says:

    Hey Brou! Thanks for the info! I hope Carlos doesn’t mind that I have him spouting lines from Mad Max. =0


  6. HiTechRedneck Says:

    Hehhehe, yeah, cool pic of scooter Mad Max! And, btw, the guy in the pic? Well, his name IS Max…and I know that ‘cuz you’re linking my image.

    Which is cool, but if ya wouldn’t mind at least giving me a shout out under my known scoot handle, HiTechRedneck, I’d really appreciate it.


  7. Steve Says:

    Like Britney Spears, “I’m yer Genie in a Bottle, baybeh”!

    Thanks to you and to Max for the post apocalyptic pose.



  8. HiTechRedneck Says:

    Thanks! ‘preciate it :)


  9. Anonymous Says:

    Why not post your photos at Huge local ride buddies there


  10. HiTechRedneck Says:

    Most likely because spamming folks’ blogs and sites with mindless drivel is completely uncool.

    YOU, mybikermatch, have a FAIL.


  11. Steve Says:


    HiTechRedNeck! You made me spew my Iced Irish all over my keyboard! Damn you! That was my last shot of Green Spot too. (No… not the carpet cleaner… the whiskey.)


  12. Tim Says:

    Whiskey before 10am? That’s hardcore!


  13. Motorcycle Fairings Says:

    @brouhaha i agree to you!


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