Oddities, abnormalities, anomalies oh MY!

Tue, Oct 7, 2008


(bruthas from another mother, the Honda MotoGyro and the 3-Wheeled WFT)

I think I figured out why I get along with those rabble rousing Ruckus fans so well, because they’re such good oddiologists! Just four months after TheScooterScoop was born, a post was started on TotalRuckus.com (see title link), it was their “scooter pic of the day”. Since then the thread has grown so large you need a high speed connection and a very hardy browser to view it safely. If you’re lying in bed with a broken leg, this will help you pass the time. By the time it’s done loading and you’ve looked at every image… you’ll be all better!

(hehe… Wonder Woman rides the Invisivespa. How fast does Flash’s Vespa go?)

*jaw drops*

And I really love this scooter collection:

Just take one off the shelf and go play! I want this in my office.

9 Responses to “Oddities, abnormalities, anomalies oh MY!”

  1. Tim Says:

    That’s a great collection in the bottom picture. Thumbs up for the TL on the bottom!


  2. scgt Says:

    Pretty strong shelves, that bottom one. Love the green scoot w/the bigass rear tire. Aren’t those your tattoos, Steve?



  3. ScooterScoop Says:

    Me? No. I’d never mix Marvel and DC. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fine piece of work (and dedication), it’s just the old comic book geek in me interfering with my ability to fully appreciate it.

    I still wanna make an Iron Man scooter.


  4. Eric Says:

    off topic but I saw this when reading through this other blog on non-rss the other day and think you would be a credible expert for this site (and it would bring more exposure hopefully to scooters)



  5. Anonymous Says:

    OK, so the 3 wheeled WTF had to have started off as a two wheeled WTF, ’cause, well, who could have even begun to conceive the finished product as it now stands. But of course, well, that new girlfriend required the additional load-bearing capacity…


  6. Kuroneko Says:

    Great collection (says the man who took many of the photographs)!

    Particularly that kakoii silver Joker. Sweet! Sold, unfortunately, but bought another last month. Neko.


  7. scgt Says:

    Wow, how I hadn’t noticed this the first time I saw the trike/WTF! The size of her bicep equals the size of his thigh; and the size of her thigh is the size of his ego. Ugly sunufabeach!


  8. shawn Says:

    Ha! Thats a regular sized back pack.


  9. Motorcycle Fairings Says:

    what a collection you got there! nice! i love it


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