Fox 7 – Scooters will keel yoooooooouuu!

Fri, Oct 24, 2008


An older Fox news piece that says fatalities are directly proportional to 2-wheeler use… You should stick to smoking instead.


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  1. fat tony Says:

    How come so many people in that video weren’t wearing helmets?
    No wonder why so many people are dying from accidents.


  2. Anonymous Says:

    Fox 7 must really dislike scooters… first they say we pollute more, then this? lol. The station manager must drive a hummer.


  3. Anonymous Says:

    Fox news is a joke and is totally biased anyway, so only the brainwashed would actually bother listening to what they are saying…


  4. Anonymous Says:

    I think that is actully a local “fox News” staion and not the “totally biased” cable outlet.


  5. Tim Says:

    More riders = more accidents.

    Math – learn it.


  6. Mark Daniels Says:

    What I liked was that the Texas DMV was going to start a safety initiative that cracks down on aggressive deiving. About time somebody sees this as a major issue.


  7. D'ron Says:

    I noticed how the female speaking towards the end of the piece placed the blame squarely of the shoulders of the riders & NONE of the blame on drivers who still don't look out for two-wheeled transportation… way to look at the big picture lady!


  8. Anonymous Says:

    I saw Steve Guzman in the video clip and he was wearing shorts and an orange beanie helmet. This is not a good role model. Most accidents we have seen in Austin is due to riding in late hours, wearing dark colors and not following strict motorcycle safety class rules. Wear full protective gear and if you don’t and get banged up don’t whine about it.

    We told you so.


  9. ScooterScoop Says:

    Hey Anon! I can agree with part of your statement.

    Yes, I was in the video wearing shorts. No, that’s not smart and nothing I could whine about should I go down… but that’s where it ends.

    I always wear bright gear, day or night. With the exception of shorts and boots, I was fully geared up in that video.

    That wasn’t a “orange beanie helmet”, that was a DOT certified, 3/4 Momo helmet in “retina scorching” orange. Not as safe as a bright Snell/Dot full face but better than a brain bucket.

    I will say that I’ve seen my share of under protected riders in Austin. Cute girls scooting around in their sun dresses and sun glasses. Sure, it’s a nice visual… that is until you’ve gotta get skin grafts.

    Here’s my opinion on gear… Know what is available and recommended then wear the best you can afford for the conditions you ride. If you race on hot asphalt, get racing boots, a full set of leathers, armor, neck brace, full face, reinforced gloves, etc. If you putt around the hot city streets at least wear a helmet, jacket and gloves with the understanding that NOT wearing protective pants or boots could cost you.

    Thanks for your concern. There are better safety role models in the motorcycle world as illustrated by my chance appearance on our local news channel. Had I known they would be at my local scooter shop when I swung by I would have donned my Power Ranger outfit. Just kidding… but I might have worn pants.


  10. Tim Says:

    Steve’s a badass. When he hits the road he doesn’t scrape skin off of his leg, he scraps asphalt off of the ground.


  11. ScooterScoop Says:

    That’s some hilarious $#!+ Tim!
    As I joke I almost said, I don’t have any plans to scrape my legs since I’ll be landing on my feet in case of an accident… but THIS was rich my friend. :)


  12. Blue Mark Says:

    It’s not really that scooters will keel us, its that the inattentive drivers of oversize vehicles will keel us while we are on our scooters.

    I’ve checked into this (disclosure: I have a major bias – I was crushed by a pickup truck at a stoplight just over a year ago) and it is clear that it has become much more dangerous to be on two wheels over the last decade or so. Even when accounting for the increased number of riders, NCSA data show the number of two wheel fatalities per mile ridden has doubled. I do not believe this is due primarily to not wearing helmets, or to careless riding, the statistics cut across all demographics.

    What does correlate almost perfectly is the increase in the percentage of oversize vehicles on the road – SUV’s and pickups and vans vs the dwindling number of cars. Factor in the lug nut rule: people only see what they unconsciously consider to be threat to them and it is clear why two wheeling has become so much more hazardous. People in cars may see us – people in Hummers are completely scooter blind.

    When gas prices went over $4 per gallon, I noticed a lot of SUVs were being left in the driveways and people were driving their smaller cars instead. I’ll bet you if we can gather the data, we’d see a corresponding decrease in two wheel fatalities during the period of high gas prices.


  13. Anonymous Says:

    Seriously who is the “numb skull” who said Steve was riding a dangerous helmet.

    Fact is the MOMO shell has patents in Italy for safety built into the shell. Way safer than any of the Snell helmets on the market. Unless of course you have multiple 400G head impacts. Futhermore it is Orange, which, last time I checked is not a dark color.

    How about you educate yourself before you launch these attacks.


  14. Anonymous Says:

    ************* GOSSIP *************
    Italian moto rags are asserting that Honda will unveil the replacement for the SWing600 at ECMA 2008 next week. They believe it will be based on the GRF-1 concept (aka Griffon of 2004).

    If a new SWing is unveiled I’m more inclined to think it will be a restyling with the engineering bits and pieces the same. That is, the underpowered 600 engine and the heavy bent tube frame and the excesively long wheelbase and the undersized wheeled but -WOW- wrapped in new plastic.

    If/when Honda does put the GRF-1 into production I would expect it to be priced far in excess of the DN-01 price of $15,000.US dollars. With the DN-01 they took what is essentially a Shadow 700 and slapped on a plastic front fairing, anti-lock brakes, and hydraulic transmission (from the Rubicon ATV)… then charged an extra $7000.US dollars for the cobbled together wuss. Imagine what an aluminum frame scooter with a newly designed flat-four engine and hydraulic transmission would cost. Hardly a replacement for the SWing.

    Anyway, I think what we will eventually see is three to five overpriced “premiere” models consisting of the DN-01, GRF-1 or E4-01, and the EV06 (using the new 2011 goldwing engine).

    - dudel


  15. Anonymous Says:

    Oh… speaking of Honda, looks like they may be going into the sidecar business. I bet it’s for the new 2011 GoldWing. Also, here’s a new MC patent if anybody cares. Did see much else interesting but I didn’t really dig too deep.

    sidecar for a motorcycle:

    new motorcycle

    - dudel


  16. Double Espresso Says:

    OMG Eileen whatever her last name is can give me safety suggestions any day.
    Do you know her?


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