Jobs for out of work scooters

Wed, Nov 12, 2008

Funny, Peak Oil, Scooter

If low gas prices have you back to driving your 4WD Dually to the office you should consider a career for your out of work scooter.  Here’s an idea from ace2heart.  It’s not real, mind you, but a concept called “Sweep-scooter” that he/she entered into the Worth1000 Dream Vehicles 5 contest. 

Just thought it could give you some ideas to keep your poor, lonely scooter active and engaged during these times of $2/gal gas.  Don’t worry Scooty!  You’ll be back to work before you can say “carbon tax”.

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3 Responses to “Jobs for out of work scooters”

  1. Jacob Says:

    nice picture


  2. Tim Says:

    If anyone has an out of work scooter then let me know. I’ll haul it off for you.


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