Poll results – Your favorite 150cc from SYM?

Mon, Nov 24, 2008


The votes are in and it looks like the next SYM 150cc scooter with a chance at coming to the USA is the VS 150 with 67% of the 168 total votes.  There are some adjustments to be made caused by 4 votes outside of the USA, but not enough to sway the results in the Fighter’s favor.  I personally liked the Fighter in black, but I’m feeling pretty good about the VS in white.  She got some really favorable reviews outside of the US and I’m impressed by her specs given the fact that she’s got Taiwanese engineering and workmanship behind her.  Of course the real test will be when she goes head-to-head with the other 150cc offerings in its class that are available on our shores like the Kymco People and Super 8 150, Vespa S and LX 150, and the Genuine Stella and Buddy 150, Piaggio’s Fly 150, Aprilia’s Mojito 150 and the variety of Chinese offerings. No word on the American MSRP yet.
Notice the absence the Japanese in this range?  Kinda strange considering it’s the 125 – 200cc class that dominated scooter sales this summer.  It’s not like they don’t have them.  Perhaps they prefer to keep their resources focused on their top sellers and high profit niche models (Honda = Goldwing, Suzuki = Gixxer, Yamaha = V-Star, Kawasaki = Ninja).
Here’s a couple more images for ya:
And an action shot of the 125 version, which is essentially the same on the exterior.


7 Responses to “Poll results – Your favorite 150cc from SYM?”

  1. fat tony Says:

    With the exception of Texas, your poll results look like the “blue” in the recent national election.
    When is the Wowow or Symba expected to arrive in the U.S.?


  2. Dan Durston Says:

    What about Yamaha’s Vino 125 and their new Zuma 125? These are Japanese scoots in this market segment.


  3. ScooterScoop Says:

    Fat Tony! Keep an eye out for around the end of Q1.

    Dan! It is true that Yamaha is in the house with their 125′s, but they aren’t touching the 150-200cc range. The new Zuma looks good and probably runs nicely. I was supposed to review it back in September, but got sidetracked.

    Hard to believe that Honda is down to a pair of 50′s and a 600.


  4. scgt Says:

    Steve, I can’t believe it, but guess the voters have spoken.

    Honda sux big time at the Motorcycle Show! SH will never be here and that’s official.



  5. Loki Says:

    wait, my ex-pat vote from kazakhstan doesn’t count?! fine, be that way.


  6. Dan Says:

    Yeah it’s crazy that Honda is down to a pair of 50cc’s and the Silverwing. With scooter sales as high as they are, Honda’s gotta be planning something.

    Then again, Honda has sold a scooter between 81-250cc since the 1987 Elite 150. That’s an insane 22 years now without an offering in this market segment.

    Anyways, the new Zuma 125 does look like a nice scoot. As a Ruckus fan, this new Zuma might just woo me with it’s 125cc’s.


  7. Dan Says:

    whoops….that should read ‘Honda has NOT sold a scooter between 81-249cc….’


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