Leave it to Malaysia – The Vespa Trailer

Wed, Jan 28, 2009


Here’s a cool shot from Satu Lagi’s Flickr collection. If you’ve ever kept tabs on the Malaysian mod scene you’d know this is pretty mild (and tastefully done). They’ve got some crazy mods out that way. I think they are responsible for the rolled back legshield look (ick). Thank’s for sharing! You can click the title link for more of Satu’s shots.

Here’s another sweet matching trailer with scooter photo from… someone else (wish I could remember who):

OH, and if you haven’t seen enough way-out customs, check out Frost Photography‘s collection of images from the IM3 Scooter Culture Celebration 2008 held in the central Bali town of Ubud.


4 Responses to “Leave it to Malaysia – The Vespa Trailer”

  1. Marco de Luna Says:

    It’s like having a deja vu

    Nice pics!


  2. Tim Says:

    I love stuff like this.


  3. CalatrĂ³ia Says:

    That scooter is a Lambretta LD, not a Vespa :S


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