Snow? Hrmf, at least you don’t have ZOMBIES!

Wed, Jan 28, 2009


Here in Austin traffic signs warn scooterists to beware of possible zombie encounters down Lamar Blvd. Zombies have flocked to UT for years, finding comfort in the constant supply of fresh, pickled brains. You can expect at least a half dozen drunk freshmen to be found lying brainless on a sidewalk near UT on any given Sunday.

This is the first time groups of Zombies have ventured outside the UT campus in search of brains. City officials believe they may be making their way south where it is feared they will blend in with the other citizens of South Austin, making them virtually invisible.

The last time a Zombie made it that far south they were captured by police after a man in a tutu tipped them off to the zombie trying to buy a Brains Iced Turbo at Jo’s Coffee.

For the REAL story, check out FoxNews Austin. Thanks to Scotty B for the scoop!

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  1. John McClane Says:

    Great pic. Reminds me of Shaun of the Dead.


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