Honda has a great line up for you (if you live in Japan)

Fri, Jan 30, 2009


In 2009 they’ve got four different cubs, the Gyro X and Gyro Canopy, the Gorilla, the Big Ruckus, the Helix (title link)… these are all great reasons to be alive… in Japan.  Then, they really rub salt in that wound when they announced that they will reintroduce the Monkey and THE MONKEY LIMITED!

This fuel injected (PGM-FI) special edition “leisure bike” has a red and chrome-plated body, plaid seat, lots of extra chrome and emblems and even a special edition key.

The Monkey has cool little features like compact folding handle bars, a tiny little luggage rack (good for holding a large bunch of bananas), an optional theft deterring alarm system, a tiny little 49cc engine, a seat height of 26 inches and an overall length of 53.74 inches (just a smidgen longer than Zelda Rubinstein ‘s height).

Look for the new Monkey at a store near Gifu as soon as next week with a translated MSRP of $3,427.00.  Thanks to Katsu in Tokyo for the sad, sad scoopage!  Too bad it can’t out race the 500cc nanobeast from RocketGarage.


2 Responses to “Honda has a great line up for you (if you live in Japan)”

  1. Tim Says:

    This has been my lament for some time now. Honda makes some amazingly fun little bikes but all we get in the US are cruisers and sport bikes.

    This video shows what the US would look like if they gave us that fun little Monkey-


  2. Dan Says:

    Drool….I’m very jealous.


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