How to make people smile – Customize your helmet

Tue, Feb 10, 2009


Haha!  Come on now, you can tell me if you saw this helmet going down the street you wouldn’t crack a smile.  This Lego minifig helmet is the work of Sebastian Errazuriz.  See title link for the source of this post.
I’d still like to see a scooter helmet made to look like the Rocketeer‘s. 


5 Responses to “How to make people smile – Customize your helmet”

  1. Tim Says:

    That’s awesome. Now all he needs are some yellow mittens.


  2. Casey Hooligan Says:

    I’m positive I could make a Rocketeer helmet if I could get my hands on a the right helmet to start with.


  3. Tim Says:

    That would be the perfect compliment to one of those Steampunk inspired scooters.


  4. Orin Says:

    I hope the yellow on the face shield is transparent on the other side…


  5. Steve Says:

    Tim! Check.

    Casey! Must…fight… urge to search for… helmet.

    Hey Tim… I've got a new custom Spree idea for you. First replace the leg shield with a riot shield:
    and go ballistic from there.

    Orin! Yeah, it's gotta be. He must have used that perforated vinyl. Check this stuff out:


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