Japan gets a newer, handier Vino – The Molte Vino

Mon, Mar 16, 2009


Hey!  Our friend Akisan sends news of Yamaha’s latest version of the 2009 Vino called the Molte Vino.  The website (see title link) recalls the days of “going out shopping” in something “stylish and cool” in this, the sister of the Vino.  I love the hilarious Google translation of the navbar on the left where they call it the “Fellows molar Beano”.  I would ride a scooter call the “Beano”… but I digress.
She’s very similar to the 49cc Vino except for the new halogen fender light just below the cute little basket.  The specs say she’s sportin’ a water-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC 3 valve engine like the Vino Classic but she outputs just a bit less power (3.1 kW instead of 3.8 kW) and costs about 600 yen more at ¥ 199,500 (price including recycling costs).  No word on a potential arrival here on U.S. shores.  THANKS AKI!


8 Responses to “Japan gets a newer, handier Vino – The Molte Vino”

  1. TN1 Says:

    That is so adorable. All they need is a beagle puppy peeking out of the basket!


  2. Anonymous Says:

    So, it’s the love-child of a Vino and a GTV. Very cute… although the basket is a little overkill.


  3. Dan Durston Says:

    Nice scoop….good to hear about new soooters. I dunno about the headlight though. It appears they’re using the a similar overly cute/plasticy headlight like they’ve used on the C3 and Zuma. It looks like a childs toy….I guess that kinda goes with the basket though. The regular Zuma looks more classy.


  4. Sploader Says:

    I like the Jog Poche a little better. Same concept, just 80′s/90′s style.


  5. Pvino Says:

    Excellent shopping commuter imagine the gas savings. Unfortunately there will be a very tiny market for such a scooter here in the U.S.. With the price of petroleum – gasoline going way down per barrel- popularity of scooters may have gone to the way side. But still a good idea and approach for those on the fence needing a scooter for utilitarian needs.


  6. Dan Says:

    Scooters were getting pretty popular back in ’03 – ’05 when gas was still cheap. Obviously higher gas prices help the scooter market but they aren’t going to go to the wayside because of $2/gal gas.


  7. Tim Says:

    That basket is just awesome.


  8. Cindy Says:

    I love it! I looked at the vino when we started scooter shopping. If they had had that model at the time I was buying, it would have been a serious contender.


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