Honda finally reveals Helix replacement (for everyone else)

Mon, Jun 29, 2009


You might recall back in 2007, Dudel dug up this little patent office sketch submission from Honda. We looked at it and figured it might be Honda’s replacement for the old school Helix (there will never be a replacement for the Honda Helix).
Well today a mystery scooper pointed us to Scooter-Station’s report on the new 250cc Honda Faze, scheduled for a European release in 2010 (below).
I see some similarities to the sketch from 2007 with the biggest difference being the updated and easier to swallow (B-King inspired?) front end. I love the big front/rear discs by the way. Oh! Watch a video here.
Scooter-Station says the 250cc version is scheduled for Japan with the possibility of a 125cc coming to Europe for the added fuel economy and wider (teen) market. Right now we know the SH150i and New Elite (108cc) are headed our way for 2010, but still no mention of the Faze 250 or Silverwing GT 600. What do you think? Late 2010? 2011? Never?
I’d personally like to see the Piaggio X7 Evo 300cc come to the USA and give ‘em a run for their money.


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  1. Tim Says:

    I wonder how much that thing is going to cost. I like the looks of it.


  2. Jeffraham Prestonian Says:

    The drawing looks a lot like the Suzuki Gemma, for which I lust.


  3. Dan Says:

    There's some really good photos of this here:


  4. Anonymous Says:

    Just as ugly as a Helix.


  5. Charles Gaurier Says:


    Cool to be linked here. As far as we know, the Faze is Japan-only product. But We've been told Honda has a special maxiscooter for Europe. Something able to compete with the Yamaha TMax, what the SilverwingGT might not be able to do. Using the first little information we have, we anticipate this top of Honda's scooter range will feature alloy frame, big wheels (17'?), swingarm and single rear shock. A sort of DN-01 and Faze mix.
    Official news may spread next autumn. Let's wait…

    Charles Gaurier /


  6. Steve Says:

    JP! I've got a friend in Japan with a Gemma. I wanna ride one so bad!

    Thanks for the added photos Dan!

    Anon… The Helix is sorta like ET, so ugly that it's cute. I wish I knew what reporters were saying about the Helix back in 1986.

    Hey Charles! Thanks for stopping by to fill us in! We'll be sure to check back in with scooter-station for the scoop on this new addition from Honda.


  7. asok Says:

    It will rock all over.I think it'll be so expensive.dazzling model.I'm gonna have it.


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