Smart Tossing?

Sun, Jul 26, 2009


In Amsterdam there appears to have been a rash of vandalism incidents in which Smart cars are being pushed into nearby canals.
is reporting that several Smart and Canta cars have totally destroyed by late night troublemakers looking for a thrill.

Let’s hope this boneheaded behavior doesn’t spread.

5 Responses to “Smart Tossing?”

  1. WRCz Says:

    This is why we can't have anything nice around here.


  2. Gleason Says:

    Just don't park it next to water. Just like you do not leave a scooter out at night unlocked.


  3. Pvino Says:

    This is so sad for another person to destroy or vandalize other property owners. I find cars of this size, though other may disagree an essential component in fighting global car congestion. Scooters is my approach in countering inefficient road commutes.


  4. Martin Says:

    Anyone consider the wind blew them in???


  5. Steve Says:

    Haha, very funny Martin. :P~


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