The Honda CG150 Titan Mix

Wed, Aug 5, 2009


Earlier this year Honda released a new motorcycle in to the Brazilian market – The CG150 Titan Mix, a motorcycle designed to run on ethanol, gasoline or a mixture of the two. The bike is being sold exclusively in the Brazilian market because of the huge market there (almost 2 million bikes sold in 2008 alone) and because of the substantial ethanol production there due to the use of sugar cane waste materials. The bike retails for about $3,500.

I love the economics and practicality of small displacement bikes like this. I would hope that technology like this could make it to the rest of the world.

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6 Responses to “The Honda CG150 Titan Mix”

  1. Pvino Says:

    I also appreciate small displacement motorbikes and their ability to travel great distances in an efficient manner. Sure bigger bikes are nice and offers substantial speed and comfort but the special nature of conquering great distances on a small motorbike (Honda Sh150, Vino 125, and Honda 110cc scooter) provide their own unique challenges… Small bike on the roads less travel.


  2. Orin Says:

    In the U.S., the big 4 Japanese motorcycle simply refuse to believe a market exists for a bike like this, and have no interest in expending any effort to create a market as they did 30+ years ago. Until someone convices them (or they get their butts kicked by someone like Geely or another Chinese company), all we can do is wish…

    Scootin' Old Skool


  3. Anonymous Says:

    Equally interesting fact in the Honda press release….of the 1.9 million sold in Brazil, 1.325 million were Hondas! That's 2 out of every 3 sold.


  4. Anonymous Says:

    I don't think that is fair Orin. To me that is the same argument that motorcycle riders make when they complain there aren't enough standards sold in the US. When someone brings one to the market they usually languish. While you and other enthusiasts may love the small displacement bikes they just aren't popular enough to gain any traction in our market. And just so you don't think I'm busting your balls I'm a fan of the small displacement bikes as well.

    In either case Suzuki has released a real sweet TU250 motorcycle. Kawasaki has the Super Sherpa and Eliminator. There are many small displacement scooters available so I don't get the complaint.



  5. ScooterScoop Says:

    I actually like that Suzuki TU250 and I'm glad it's a 250. I think we have quite enough liter machines available… though it would be nice to see the Yamaha XS-V1 come to life

    I doubt we'll ever see it here, but I think we have a better shot of seeing the Sakura than the Electric HD.


  6. chop6 Says:

    we in Russia already have such motorcycles there are izh planeta 350, minsk, voshod, ural(old-style). for this bikes there is no problem to run on etanol, gasoline they even work on kerosine and acetone. old 750 bottom-valved ural can work on diesel when engine is warm))))))


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