Scooters now have a cash for clunkers program

Tue, Aug 25, 2009


(Dr. Wilhelm Junkers gives us the scoop on an incentive program NOT sponsored by “the man”.)
***UPDATE*** Changed video to a link instead due to P.I.T.A. auto-play / auto-buffer mess.
***UPDATE*** Eric fixed the auto-play, so we are back to embedded!

Courtesy of the Genuine Scooter Company comes a program that could help some people get out of their old scoot and into a Genuine. The press release says:
Genuine Scooter Company, and it’s official safety director, Dr. Wilhelm Junkers, today announced a national “CASH FOR SMALL CLUNKERS” program. Dr. Junkers, together with participating GENUINE SCOOTER DEALERS, will offer a $300 CASH CREDIT towards any GENUINE SCOOTER PRODUCT in exchange for any “titled” 2 wheeler that can be rolled or driven in to it’s dealership. The video, shot by rank amatuers in Chicago, is a product of “BUSH LEAGUE PRODUCTIONS” here in the windy city. “This will be a limited offer with limited supplies”, said company president Philip McCaleb

At a minimum it’s good for a laugh, but for those of you with a buyer’s remorse bike rusting in the backyard it looks like a good time to upgrade. I just hope that the clunkers that come in get recycled and no resold. I’d hate to see a trade in “Moto Yamato 50″ back on the road.

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6 Responses to “Scooters now have a cash for clunkers program”

  1. GenWaylaid Says:

    Absolutely brilliant. There's so much cheap junk in the scooter market that giving the buyers a second chance to purchase a quality scooter could keep lots of people from giving up on scooters altogether. Of course $300 is less than 10% of the out-the-door cost of a Genuine scooter, so it'll still take some determined salesmanship on the part of the dealer. Over the long run, the Genuine should cost less to keep running, but the customer is already out the cost of their clunker scooter.

    Interesting that while the US government specifies sodium silicate for killing a clunker, Genuine specifies ninjas.

    (Also, I'll take that moped. No title, constantly breaking, rusty tank? Sounds pretty normal to me!)


  2. Amy Kelly Says:

    That is just outrageously funny! "ZAT IS NOT A KLUNKA!!!!"


  3. Jeffraham Prestonian Says:

    Auto-playing videos SUCK.

    Thank you. :)


  4. Anonymous Says:

    This is a cool ad but simply another copy cat on the layout and theme of ad plus the amount is nothing when buying a 5000 dollar scooter


  5. Steve Says:

    Hey JP! I agree. Couldn't figure out how to fix it, so I linked it instead.


  6. Jeffraham Prestonian Says:

    Steve — Yeah; my local scooter shop is a client of mine (web site design/maint), and wanted another of Genuine's videos on his site… I ended up doing the same thang on HIS site. :)


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