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Peak oil – Optimist vs. Pessimist

11. August 2009


(Wha? Wait! No, I said “PEAK” oil, not “PEEK”. Oh well… Ladies and gentleman, Kim Peek.) When I saw the name of the blog, I didn’t understand the connection. Why would a blog called PeakOilDebunked be talking about scooters? I was expecting to see a lecture on how scooter riders where a bunch of crybaby […]

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Saturday Moment of Zen

8. August 2009


Have a great weekend.

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The Sachs Madass 125 has landed!

7. August 2009


Just got word that the long overdue Sachs Madass 125s are now on showroom floors! You might recall, back-in-the-days, that we reviewed the Madass 50, distributed by Tomberlin. With so much potential and so little performance our next question was “how can get one with a larger engine?” Well, prior to today, the answer was […]

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Helpful and How-To Vids from Fly Scooters

6. August 2009


The guys and gals over at Fly Scooters have put together a YouTube channel of videos they produced that detail the inner workings of scooters and how to perform general maintenance tasks. Even if you don’t own a Fly scooter the videos would still apply to just about every scoot out there.

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The Honda CG150 Titan Mix

5. August 2009


Earlier this year Honda released a new motorcycle in to the Brazilian market – The CG150 Titan Mix, a motorcycle designed to run on ethanol, gasoline or a mixture of the two. The bike is being sold exclusively in the Brazilian market because of the huge market there (almost 2 million bikes sold in 2008 […]

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