3CR celebrates a half decade of sweet rallies!

Thu, Sep 17, 2009


One of my favorite and most consistant rallies in the Central Texas area is the Third Coast Rally. Lots of riders show up, it’s always well organized and rarely breaks out into a bike torching, bare knuckle brawl… just be sure to zip tie the zipper on your tent when you retire for the night… I’m just sayin’.
I plan on being there (Granting our good friends at TheMotorcycleShop or Vespa SanAntonio will be able to hook us up with a loaner). I’d like to ride something unusual, anyone know where I can get on of these classics from the 60′s?
This will be a good warmup for another little rally coming soon to San Antonio the weekend of May 28th 2010 and also a visit from the riders of the 2010 Scooter Cannonball Run sometime late 2010.
Thanks to CoffeeDrink for the scoop!


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Yo Steve,

    Since the cannonball starts in Seattle, I'll have to at least do part of the ride. Wondering about route selection and speeds… my home-built 50cc mini chopper tops out at 62mph but is much happier at 45mph. Actually, I should have my second home-built completed by then: a sub-100-lbs 90cc naked scoot. Think aluminum and minimalist.

    Buy the way. Since the SEGWAY was such a huge success [sarcasm]… Honda spent millions to build a better, smaller, and even more sophisticated version of a gyro-balanced personal mobility device. I can't wait! Dozens of drunken youths smashing store windows in downtown London and fleeing the scene on the U3-X… octogenarians in elder-diapers riding the U3-X and terrorizing tourists in Times Square.

    U3-X video:

    - Dudel



  2. Casey Cook Says:

    Hmm.. Since I'll be living in Seattle when the Cannonball starts, I wonder if I should give it a try?


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