An old icon meets a new movement – The Honda EV-Cub

Wed, Sep 30, 2009


To go with our deep-fried Snickers donut and triple shot of organic wheatgrass this morning our friend Akisan gives us this to munch on… the Honda announcement of their plans for the 41st Annual Tokyo Motor show (Oct 24 – Nov 4). There’s the normal amount of car and motorcycle stuff, but buried in that list of sportbikes, cruisers and cars is a special little treat… the EV-Cub concept. See it there in the image? Right there in the middle next to the Honda omnidirectional segway styled unicycle the UX-3? All clean and white and red? We’re probably still two or three battery technology generations away from them actually producing the EV-Cub, but it’s nice to imagine.

The EV-Cub concept is part of Honda’s HELLO! (Honda Electric mobility Loop) Zone at TMS 2009, which features many of Honda’s latest green technological developments including zero CO2 vehicles powered by solar and hydrogen generated electricity.

Another electric scooter concept on display was the EVE-neo (below), which looks like it’s ready for the road. Details on this baby are scarce at this time, but we’re certain to have more specs and photos in the coming weeks.

Honda says to also expect the PCX 125 to show up as well as “other” items. We’ll keep you posted! Arigato once again to Aki for the scoop!

Just added a link to the original press release to the title, so click on it if you want to read the whole thing.

***UPDATE 10/2/09***
Found a bunch more nice photos of the whole lineup HERE>

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7 Responses to “An old icon meets a new movement – The Honda EV-Cub”

  1. Josh Says:

    I wonder how many more years till we see an affordable (<$5000) electric bike that has > 100 mile range? Or even better > 200 miles? I can't wait. I just wish it would hurry up already.

    I also wonder how heavy an EV-Cub would be when loaded with batteries.


  2. Steve Says:

    Good questions! I'm anxiously awaiting the day I can do a story capturing the moment of the paradigm shift… the day an electric scooter out performs a similarly powered gas scooter (in speed and distance per fill-up) at a comparable cost of ownership.

    Not to sound pessimistic, but it still seems like we are at least 3 years away. Or, is that optimistic? Anyway, it's not here yet.


  3. Seth Hershey Says:

    What is that awesome car on the right, or the weird mobility scooter? Scoop those Steve!


  4. Tim Says:

    It looks like there is an engine on each wheel. How cool would that be?


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  6. Steve Says:

    Ok Chinese Scooter Parts… I'm on to you. I know you're trying to slide in under the radar, but one more bit-o-spam in the guise of feigning interest in the topic and I will not share my cookies with you… and these are some good cookies.


  7. Jamie Dakota Says:

    Hi there. First timer here.I just imported a Jonway YY50QT-28 factory direct from China. I know it’s likely garbage but it was uber cheap and if it lasts a month, I’ll have gotten my money’s worth. Of course, my intentions are to make it last much longer. Anyway, I’m relatively good with a set of tools and will be maintaining the bike myself. Problem is, the scooter did not ship with an owner’s manual. I do not know what size/type battery and spark plug to buy. Also…would you think it shipped with any fluids? Trans oil, motor oil, etc? Basically, I’m looking for a general prep guide before firing her up. All I’ve done is un-crate it in the dark. Perhaps I will be able to answer some of these questions tonight when I have more time but for now I’m sitting at work and would like to get a head start.Thanks a ton!


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