Suzuki Jelato 125 cute? Yes. Fattening? Maaaaybe.

Wed, Sep 30, 2009


(Thanks to lemonlove9 for posting the video!)

Poking around Motorcycle Thailand blog I found some images of the all new Suzuki Jelato, a 124cc, fuel injected scooter that one reviewer describes as “powerful enough to send me zipping through traffic, At 110km on larger streets”; stating that “the Suzuki Jelato 125 feels solid”. What? That’s like 68 MPH, not bad at all for such a cute little muffin of a motorbike. 

Suzuki’s communications specialist could not be reached at the time of publishing, so I’m going with my current assumption that we will never see this scooter in the USA. I would love for Mr. Kai to tell me otherwise. Suzuki! You really need to have something smaller than a 400 here in the USA (and I wouldn’t be mad if it was this… or the SD-01).

3 Responses to “Suzuki Jelato 125 cute? Yes. Fattening? Maaaaybe.”

  1. Tim Says:

    That would be a great city scoot!


  2. Steve Says:

    Not just great, but "WAY OF LIFE!"


  3. master shogun papafern Says:

    The scoopy i has more chance than this. Metropolitan owners have been wanting a met with a bigger engine. The met is called scoopy in japan so let's hope it comes over.


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