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What would Doofenshmirtz ride?

11. September 2009


(I bet you can’t just watch the first couple of minutes) Well what else would you imagine a Eeeevill scientist to ride but a Lambretta. Ok, maybe it’s not a pixel perfect replica, but you’ll get the hint. And what set of wheels are under his nemesis, Perry? I’m not sure why, but the good […]

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Honda Cub to go automatic for 2010!

10. September 2009


Honda’s gone and done it! Adding an automatic transmission to the Cub has been on Honda’s upgrade short list for some time now, and just two days ago Akisan sent us the scoop on Honda’s new CV-Matic engine for Cubs (all underbone type Hondas). Here’s a snippet from the press release: TOKYO, Japan, September 8, […]

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Make Steve Miserable – Tell Him To Buy This

9. September 2009


Just up on ebay is a cherry Honda Motocompo! As some of you may know, Steve is seriously infatuated with this rare little import scooter from Honda. This one just popped up on ebay yesterday and it has Steve written all over it.The seller has 100% positive feedback and is located in the heart of […]

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The Slaughterhouse XV Scooter Rally

4. September 2009

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This weekend is the Slaughterhouse XV Scooter Rally. If you are in the area of The Windy City I encourage you to scoot by and participate. It looks to be a good one this year with your standard events like the gymkana and rides but also some out of the box shindigs like a pig […]

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