You must be MAD!

Fri, Oct 2, 2009


(That’s Phil in the rear view and James in the driver’s seat)
Well by “World” we mean the USA and by “Mad, Mad” we mean madmen taking the Sach Madass across the whole freaking thing. Phil “POC Phil” Waters is no stranger to the scene. He’s been riding scooters as long as I’ve been shaving (my back) and also owns one of the most successful scooter shops in the country… so, what would possess him to take Cobra Powersport’s latest 125cc import scooter (or is it a motorcycle?) from San Diego to Annapolis in 10 days (or less)?
Because he can.
While the MadAss 125 may be a newcomer in the USA, the MadAss design has been around a while. We first caught wind of the MadAss back in 2005 , when Sachs reentered the US market with their solidly built but sadly underpowered MadAss 50 (our first video scooter review). Now that they’ve brought us something with a little extra kick, Phil wanted to be the first to see how she stands up to 2800+ mile journey.
As of publishing this story, the POC team has completed day 2 of their journey. You can keep up with their progress by visiting the website of Dr. Madass. There you will find photos, satellite tracking of their journey and stories from the road.
(Dr. Madass says “Deez guys eez more kooky dan me, yah?”)
People are tricking them out all over the world!
More to come as I dig ‘em up.

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